Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rill's transmog complete!

I've been trying for ages now to put something together for Rillian, and while it's been almost more trouble than it's worth, I think it's finally finished now! Pictures:

Chest, pants, and gloves are all from the Scouting set. I could have used the belt too, but it was annoyingly absent from the AH, so I went with a Bandit cinch, which uses the same design. For the boots, I'm just using his Bloodthirsty leather ones, which I'll probably keep even after he gets better. His daggers are from the Bravo Company questline in Redridge. And his shoulder is from a quick, easy quest out in Desolace.

Rill's cloak, now, almost needs a post all its own. I knew I wanted this design for him, but there are only 3 cloaks that look like this in the game. One of them drops from a rare spawn in Zul'Farrak. Another comes from the North Dire Maul tribute chest (the one you get when you leave all the bosses- except the king of course >.>). And the third is a drop from Terestian Illhoof in Karazhan.

Rill is fairly well geared now, but I still didn't think much of his chances in Karazhan, so I tried ZF first. The rare spawn was actually up the first time I checked, but he didn't drop the cloak. I did a lot of "run in and check, run out and reset" before he spawned again- no cloak. After a long run of no-shows, I decided to try Dire Maul.

I have no idea what was up with Dire Maul, but the cloak just didn't seem to exist on the loot table... which is funny, because Davoss actually has this cloak sitting in his bank(got it on a dungeon run while he was still leveling). I never kept track of how many times I ran the instance, but saying that it must have been between 20-30 times would not be an exaggeration. It refused to drop.

I kept running through it, killing the King and looting that chest for several days, pausing only to run back to ZF and check for the rare every now and then(only seen him once, and he dropped a sword for me, no cloak), before I gave up. I still tried 1 or 2 runs now and again, but Rill's cloak moved to a back burner for a while.

So. Tonight. I was out doing stuff with the family until late, and when I got home it was too late to do anything, but still too early for bed, so... I decided to just try Karazhan. If it was too hard for Rill, at least I'd know, right? I logged on Rheugan on the other account for a raid group, then went on in. After spending several minutes trying to remember my way around, I finally got to the opera event... and had to backtrack because I needed to kill Moroes first. I got him down pretty low my first attempt before Rill's health got too low and I made a run for it. Second attempt I actually remembered poisons(*cough*), so it went much better. Moroes never even vanished.

I skipped Attumen and Maiden and went back to Opera, and wound up with the Wizard of Oz event. I was really uncertain about this one, but they all went down ridiculously fast, even the Crone at the end. Curator was the same way- I even pulled a group of trash by accident, and was able to kill them off and get Curator down with no trouble. He didn't even evocate until the end of the fight.

I nearly got lost again trying to find the bookcase, then killed the trash and jumped Illhoof. By this time I was feeling pretty good about Rill's chances, not enough to get cocky but I felt that he wouldn't have a problem. I was right, too, and was even able to keep the imp numbers down with regular Fan of Knives thrown in. Terestian hit the floor, I clicked him to loot, and....

Cloak. I will admit I squee'd.

So that's how Rill got his transmog cloak. I like the way the set looks even if all the pieces don't match exactly. The cloak... well, I'm a nerd, and I read in a book somewhere that if you're being stealthy, you don't necessarily want all-black gear, you want dark - but not black! - gear that will blend into the shadows better. That, and I think the pattern would help break up his outline enough to make him harder to see. Maybe I put too much thought into it. XD

Disclaimer!: I didn't run through the whole Kara adventure just to be like "I'm so awesome I killed all these bosses so easily". If you're 85 and even somewhat decently geared, I think any class would have just as easy a time of it, so long as you're patient and know the bosses/your class. So, yea.

I need to get back into the MoP beta and take screenies of all the new pets... when I went to look for pics before it appeared that I had, uh, forgotten to take any. >.> So, til next time Happy Hunting!

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