Friday, February 26, 2010

Storming the Citadel

My guild on Gilneas went into ICC tonight to try some bosses. We've been doing rep runs for a couple weeks now, just killing trash, but this time we were looking specifically to kill bosses, just to see how far we'd get. Apparently the first boss, Morrowgar, is the hardest of the lot. We had tried to kill him before with no luck, but tonight we knew what to expect from him, and in short order...

We got him! Thus encouraged by our victory, we went on to the rest of the first wing. Lady Deathwhisper was a bit hectic, but we actually did pretty well with it, and she joined Morrowgar on the floor on our first try.

The gunship battle was a blast. Barraccus was on a cannon the whole fight, except when he had to go beat down on the Horde's mage. And I finally got to see the legendary druid-bear rocket pack...

I felt kinda bad laughing at poor Drac, but OhmygollySILLY!

Deathbringer Saurfang was after that. He gave us a hard time, but we got him closer to defeated on each attempt, until finally he was down as well!

At that point it was late and a few people had to go, so we stopped there. It was a fun run, and the PUG healers that came along all did a great job. Barraccus lost the rolls on Morrowgar's sword and a nice helm, but he got a dps chestplate from Saurfang, so I'm happy.

And now I need some sleep. Later!

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