Thursday, February 25, 2010

Arvoss and Shaurria: Worries (part 2)

This would have been last Tuesday, so it's over a week late. >.< Sorry!

He found her in the Park, her druid friend close by. Pitch eyed him warily as he approached, so Arvoss tried to keep his expression friendly. "Kitten," he said, and she looked up quickly, a huge grin spreading across her face."Can Ah talk t' ye a bit?" She nodded, patting the ground next to her. Arvoss paused before sitting down, giving Pitch a look, and the druid-cat stood up. "I think I have something I need to do, and I should go do it before I forget again," he told Shaur, then he padded off. She watched him go, then turned back as Arvoss settled down on the grass next to her. "Sorry Ah've nae been around much, lass," he said. She just shrugged as she snuggled in for a hug. "S'fine," she said, then sat back and looked at him expectantly. "What did you want to talk about?"

Arvoss looked at her, sitting there and watching him brightly, and found he couldn't say it. "Ahhh, 'ow's yer trainin' comin'?" he asked instead. "Ye kill anneh more cleft'oofs?" She grinned. "Nah, we're up to ogres," she said, then frowned. "They smell alot worse, though." He chuckled despite himself. "Aye, tha' they do." Shaur suddenly sobered and looked at him searchingly. "Arvoss? Is... something wrong?"

There was his opening, if he decided to take it. He looked back at her, studying her for a few minutes. She just waited, her expression serious. Finally he took a deep breath. "Ye ken tha' we're nearly knockin' oan Arthas' door, aye?" he asked her. "Yea," she answered, voice quiet. "Aely an' the others've said as much." He nodded, choosing his next words carefully. "None o' us ken wha'll 'appen when 'e falls," he said. "Some o' th' Ebons're worried. Feared tha' may'ap we'll be lost again. Ah dinnae think tha'll 'appen," he added quickly. "But ye kennit naow, if ye 'ear annehthin'." She nodded, and he went on. "S'another thing, when 'e falls th' Scourge willnae 'ave a leader. Some say they migh' jes' run wild then. Ye'll be safe enou' 'ere, lass, but th' rest o' us..." He paused, seeing the worry creep into her eyes. "...we'll be righ' in th' thick o' it," he finished.

Shaurria simply stared at him for a long while. When she finally spoke, it was in a whisper barely loud enough to be heard. "You think you're gonna die." He shifted uncomfortably. "Ah dinnae ken, lass. Jes'.... wanted t' prepare ye fer th' possibility." She shook her head in denial. "You're just worried 'cause of the fightin'. Nothing's gonna happen, you'll see. Th' war's gonna end, and you'll come back home." Arvoss reached over and put an arm around her, pulling her into a hug. "Ah 'ope sae, kitten," he said. "Ah really do." She pulled back, just a bit, and tapped his head with her knuckles. "Don't hope," she told him, her voice full of determination. "Know." Then she hugged him back fiercely.

He held her for a few minutes, then gently nudged her. "Ah've go' t' be gettin' back, kitten," he told her, and she nodded as she let him go. Arvoss stood up, a little stiffly, then paused. "Ye be good, eh lass? Take care o' yerself, an' listen t' tha' Pitch feller." Another pause, then he cleared his throat roughly. "Ah love ye, lass," he said softly. "Wha'eveh else comes, remembah tha'." Then he left, walking back toward the harbor.

Shaur watched him go, not taking her eyes off him. Even when he passed out of sight, she still stared in the direction he had gone. She heard Pitch come back, but still didn't move until he said quietly, "Shaur? Is something wrong?" She finally pulled her gaze away from where Arvoss had gone, looking at Pitch for a few minutes before answering. "No. S'fine." He looked at her curiously, then moved closer and sat down. Shaur reached over to dig her fingers through his ruff, her eyes wandering back to the last spot she had seen Arvoss.

After a bit Shaur scooted to Pitch's side, burying her face in his scruff as she hugged him tightly. Pitch sat still, saying nothing. A low, soothing purr started up deep in his chest.

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