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This would have happened last week, I believe, on Wednesday night. Brief background: There was a human named Uthas who decided that regarding Arthas, the best way to fight fire was with fire. In short, he plagued a LOT of people in an attempt to create his own undead army. He died (or was killed, not sure of the details), and came back as a death knight, then more recently he returned to Stormwind and gave himself up to the authorities. He had a trial, in which everyone was sure he would be sentenced to death. The story of the trial's conclusion can be found here.

So yea, he was released and all charges dropped. This touched off a riot in Stormwind, as all the civilians who wanted to see him dead kinda went crazy. There is a forum thread about how this has affected other people here, and now here is my contribution. Enjoy!


Shaurria had gone to the back rooms to sleep, but Pitch felt restless. He heard the Cathedral bells toll the hour as he sat alone in the common room, then his ears perked as something else came to them. Distant shouts, screams, and then a gunshot. He stared at the door for a minute, then abruptly stood and went to the back. In the dark he could just see the furry dark huddle of a sleeping Shaur on one of the bunks. Satisfied, he grabbed his cloak and spear, and left the tavern.

* * * * * *

Shaurria woke suddenly, listening to the commotion coming from outside. A soft "mreow?" brought no answer, and she shifted out of her cat form. "Pitch?" she called as she crept out to the common room. No one was there, and she stopped to listen again. Whatever was going on, it didn't sound like it was near the Pig. Yet. She shivered, then abruptly made her decision. Changing back into cat, she snuck out of the Pig, keeping to the shadows, and followed Pitch's faint scent-trail.

She nearly panicked when she reached the Trade District and saw the rioters for the first time. Skirting the edges, staying in shadows, she managed to get away without being seen. She reached the edge of the canal and glanced toward the Cathedral, then she froze. The Cathedral was in flames.

A group of guardsmen coming around the corner startled her out of her shock, and she fled up the canal. She had lost Pitch's trail. Where was he? The Mage District had all kinds of explosions and lights flashing from it, giving her more than enough reason to stay away. Finally, and in an almost blind panic, she headed for the one spot in Stormwind besides the Pig where she felt safe: the Park.

Crossing the canal, Shaur ran across Pitch's scent and felt a rush of relief. She unshifted when she reached the entrance, so she could call for him, but froze again as a human male came out of the darkness. "Oi," he called. "What's a pretty lass doin' out 'ere on 'er own?" She moved away from his vicious, leering grin, then changed back to cat and turned to run- and came face-to-face with the wall. She was trapped. Mewling in fear, she turned back to the human, whose grin had become downright evil now that he knew he had her. He took another step toward her.... and a huge black shape leaped from the darkness, crashing into him with a savage growl and carrying him out of Shaur's sight. His scream ended abruptly in a wet gurgle, then suddenly Pitch stepped into view, eyes wild and blood dripping from his chin. Shaur squeaked, and he looked at her blankly for a moment, then his eyes cleared and he quickly trotted over to stand above her protectively.

"What are you doing here, kitty?" he asked as he began sniffing her over for injuries. She unshifted again, pushing his head away. "M'not hurt. Woke up and heard a fuss, and nobody was there," she explained. "I didn't know where you went, so I just came here." She shuddered. "Town's gone all crazy." "Well, I'm not sending you back through that mess," he said. "There's a lot of... unpleasant stuff going on here, kitty. Stay close to me and out of sight. We'll see if we can find a bolt-hole til it all blows over."

The two druid-cats headed deeper into the Park, hoping to find a safe place amid the madness.

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