Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pitch: Cults and Corruption

Pitch hadn't been sure what he would find in the Grizzly Hills, but a worgen cult was not on the list. As he gave his report to Lieutenant Dumont, he could see that the human wasn't expecting it either. His orders were simple: "Go kill them."

Normally Pitch didn't care for killing humans, except for maybe Scourge cultists or Burning Legion agents, but after the first time the man he was fighting suddenly transformed, he had a much easier time of it. These were no longer humans- they were monsters, and had become so willingly; that was enough for him.

When he found nothing more living in the village he had been sent to, he returned to Amberpine and gave Dumont his report. "Well done, druid," he said. "I have nothing else for you at the moment, but if you're interested, one of your people was asking for help. Her name is Thayreen, she's right outside."

Hierophant Thayreen greeted him warmly when he went to see her, and soon filled him in on why she was there. Pitch's interest was piqued; this sounded suspiciously similar to some of the things he had heard while investigating the rumors of Ursoc. He found himself agreeing to help her, and set off to investigate the failed World Tree, Vordrassil.

* * * * * *

Pitch hated killing slimes. They were messy, hard to kill, and the gunk got all over him. He scraped up samples of the dead slimes into the vials Thayreen had given him, making sure to get some from each segment of the fallen Vordrassil. The orb she had given him was much easier to use; he simply had to find the right spot and rub it in his hands til it activated. The "right spot" was fairly obvious from the darkness that welled up from the tree's roots. It was evil, there was no other way to describe it. Pitch was profoundly glad when he was finished and could flap back to Amberpine.

Thayreen's next words threw him for a loop, however. "Ursoc's two children, Orsonn and Kodian, dwell in the Heart's Blood Shrine and the Rage Fang Shrine," she said. "South and southeast of Grizzlemaw. See if they will speak to you regarding what has happened here." Pitch simply blinked at her a few times. "His... children?" he finally managed. "Yes," she replied, sounding a bit annoyed. "You didn't know of them?" "No, I didn't," he said quietly, and she looked at him, softening a bit. He glanced up at the fast-setting sun. "Tomorrow, Hierophant?" he asked, and she nodded.

As he settled for bed inside the lodge, he was glad for Skyborne's brief distraction over the buzzbox. Tomorrow he would meet his patron's offspring. He hoped for... he didn't know what. That they would be free of the taint? That maybe their father would be also? He supposed that was close enough. He thought of Shaurria for a moment, and hoped she was doing all right. Then he laid his head down on his paws, shut his eyes, and soon fell asleep.

Part Two coming soon!

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