Monday, January 11, 2010

Quick recap

Pitch came back to Stormwind, where he promptly had a talking-to by Skyborne's mother, Seylon. She didn't yell at him, but now he has a lot to think about.

Pitch doesn't like thinking about complicated stuff (which is what this is turning out to be), so he did what he unfortunately tends to do: he took off for the wilds, this time taking Shaurria with him. (O.o)

Now the two of them are in Nagrand, where he is helping her hunt; giving pointers and generally watching over her while she tackles bigger and tougher animals. OOCly, this means she is doing the Nesingwary quests, with a bodyguard to keep her out of trouble. The bad side is that they took off kind of suddenly, so now a few people have gotten the wrong idea about it. >.>

Shaur also forgot to tell Arvoss where she was going, so he's a little worried, especially because he doesn't know Pitch well AT ALL. So, Pitch will probably be in trouble when they get back. Good job, Pitch.

I spent most of today on Taurros, finally running him through some heroics. He's been running as DPS, except for one run where we had 2 tanks join and leave almost right away, so the others asked me to tank. It didn't go very well, but we did finish the instance (Halls of Stone), so all is well. He's gotten several upgrades and enough badges to get his t9 gloves and a new idol, yay.

Druid tanking has been frustrating, and I don't know if it's because of his gear or what. But Pitch had the same trouble tanking normal UK with a bunch of level 70-71s, and he was 74, so he should have outgeared everyone with him. I can't hold aggro on anything, and no one wants to wait for me to GET aggro, so all I do is chase mobs down and do my best to swipe-spam. (Which I realize is not the best way to get aggro, but it's all I can do most of the time.) It's getting to be enough to make me consider giving up bear-tanking, and have all my druids be dps only. I hope it might get better when I get Taurros geared up. But I'm not holding my breath.

Anyway, enough ranting. I am slowly figuring out what I'm going to do with my toons come Cataclysm, but that's almost enough for a post of its own, so I'll break it down later. Now I need sleep, it's getting late. Happy Hunting!


  1. If you'll take a tip from Niv ((I don't have a fancy shmacy account with anything...)) glyph maul if you havn't already enrage right before the pull and spam maul and swipe... it's not pretty but it works.

  2. Maul is glyphed. I couldn't hold aggro long enough to get the rage to use it. And I was already swipe-spamming, believe me.

    I think I've been spoiled by my old horde guild, where I was the off-tank all thru Karazhan. They would actually wait for me to get solid aggro before dpsing. Now everyone is "Rush, rush, rush" all the time. I need to adjust my tanking style, but need to get in groups that will let me. -.-

    Wow, my comment is a mini-post by itself, hehe.