Monday, January 4, 2010

Taurros dings 80!!

Got him from 78 to 80 in one day, whew! Then got his gear in order, crossed my fingers, and joined the heroic queue as a tank/dps. It threw me in as a tank, of course, and his first heroic was... Halls of Lightning. It did not go well. -.-

I may run him as just dps for a bit, I mostly just wanted to see if he could tank something. I'll work on it more tomorrow. I suppose I really ought to run him in the normal 80 dungeons, but.... I did that with Arvoss, and I'm impatient this go-round. I know Taurros and know what he can do pretty well, and I really want him to get some gear before too long. With reports that the rest of Icecrown will be released soon, I feel like Cataclysm isn't that far off, and I'm starting to feel rushed. I still want to try and get Pitch, Quae, and Taurron to 80 before the expansion, but I don't know if I'll make it. WTB more time?

On an aside, I have another little side project going. I made a couple alts on Feathermoon, a mage and pally, in the hope that I might actually figure out those classes and stick with them. Davoss and Evirace are not even 10 yet, since I only play them when I'm super bored. Davoss will be probably prot, so he can tank while Evi nukes. Yes, I'm duoing them. :D

I do plan on Rping them eventually, I just want to level them up some first. Davoss is Arvoss' long-lost son, who has been "hiding out" in Northshire, so he doesn't even know Arvoss is alive (sort of >.>). It will be interesting when they finally meet. And Evi is Dav's fiancee. >.>

Going to try and go to bed at a decent time, I'm back to normal work hours so gotta get up early. Will try to post Taurros' success/failure at heroic-ing tomorrow! And hopefully get back on Pitch, I want to hurry and get the quests done, even if my writer's block keeps me from doing the story right away. Til next time Happy Hunting!

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