Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm now afraid of Barraccus....

It's very late and I need sleep, but I wanted to brag a bit. Barraccus has been considerably easier to gear up than Arvoss, despite working on him less (the fact that he's actually raided might have helped with that), because I've always seen him as a dps'er. Yes, he has a tank off-spec and tanking gear, but those have been "just in case". He's actually only tanked twice now I think. So all his badges and stuff has gone to dps gear.

My guild on Gilneas decided to go play in ICC10 earlier, and we went in and killed a bunch of trash. It was fun, just learning the fights and getting some Ashen Verdict rep. Barraccus did his usual ~2.4-2.8k dps. Afterward we went and ran the ICC 5-man heroics, going thru just the first 2 at first. Scourgelord Tyrannus dropped his sword, which he's dropped every time Arvoss has been in there too. It's a tanking weapon, but Arvoss has been using it and doing well, so I nabbed it for Barraccus. We took a break after that so I runed the sword, then went and traded in some frost badges ("erk") so he could replace his last blue item, a ring. Then we went back in for Halls of Reflection.

Barraccus did 3.7k dps.

Three point seven thousand.

I find it hard to believe that those 2 upgrades could improve his dps by that much, but hey, I'm not gonna complain. I do realize that the fights were good for him, with lots of groups he could AOE. He had a few Howling Blast crits for 11k or over, which I'm sure helped out. Checking over his gear after the run, I also realized that he is now fully epicced, with 2 items at ilvl 200, one at 213, and the rest 219 and above. And he'll be replacing his t7 helm with t9 as soon as he gets the badges. Wow.

He got another new weapon too, after the Lich King chased us down the hallway he was nice enough to give up his mace. After I raise his weapon skill, I think I'm gonna throw him back into heroics so he can get his new helm. Poor Feathermoon may be getting a bit neglected for awhile. >.>

So that was it for now. I was going to get on Pitch for more questing, but obviously I got distracted. Planning on picking it back up tomorrow, if I feel all right after my first day back at work after vacation. Ugh.

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