Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh Hai!

Neglected blog is neglected. Oops.

I have been having a serious case of altitis lately, so a bit of a recap is probably the first thing in order. So, where to start...

Taurros has gotten a few upgrades. I'm mostly just running heroics on my days off until I get bored, which means I might run 20 of them, or just 2 or 3. He's getting badges slowly, but right now I'm fine with that.

Zuuluu has been shelved until further notice, except for disenchanting all the stuff that Taurros/Taurron/my sister's alts pick up. I am seriously considering selling off his enchanting mats for cash and just using Zuu for a banker, since I still have no desire whatsoever to play him.

I've been logging on Taurron the warrior when I first get on and running through a few quests before moving on to Feathermoon. He is leveling very slowly this way, but he is leveling. I WILL have a max-level warrior someday!

My shammy Rajast will be leveled eventually as well, he's still only 40 though, so he's not a priority right now. I'm debating moving him to Gilneas with Taurros/Taurron, or maybe Wyrmrest Accord. He'll probably be the last toon I move, though, so I have plenty of time to decide. I went ahead and bought a Cold Weather Flying book for him and mailed it, so now I really don't have anything to spend money on with my Horde guys. It's.... a nice feeling.

Arvoss is getting badges about as slowly as Taurros right now, since I've been mainly playing Pitch and Shaurria, but he's started getting upgrades for his dps set. He just got his T9 dps helm, and next he'll get the chestpiece. His frost badges I'm saving for the dps cloak, he's halfway there already. He also got another accomplishment out of the way... Meet Lazridormu.

Thanks to Loreli for the name! :)

He got into a 10-man ToC run with my Feathermoon buddies. It was a very nice, clean run, no wipes and only a couple of deaths. It was pretty awesome, since I've never even gotten Beasts down with my raiding guilds, so I finally got to see the whole thing. And the raid leader was great at explaining all the fights, so I knew what to do. :)

Pitch is up to 78, almost 79. Once he hits 80 he'll be following the same road Taurros is (dpsing heroics til he gets geared). I've been more-or-less-faithfully running the daily random dungeons for the badges, so he'll have some saved up already. Yay.

I've been playing Quae a bit here and there too. She's at 68 now and has her cold weather flying, though she's going to finish up the Kurenai quests before she heads to Northrend. I've been thinking up a story for that, but I haven't written it out yet.

My secret baby pally/mage alts have finally hit level 10 and have talent points. I'm aiming for 15 now, so I can start randoming with them. That will probably be how they level mostly when I'm not in the mood for duoing.

Speaking of duoing, Kaled and Khaotic are 64 now, they dinged yesterday. Earlier today I tried doing a random dungeon on each of them, but ran into a problem with that- Kaled got into Mana-Tombs, where he did 2 quests and got a lot of xp from the mobs. Khaotic got Underbog- slightly lower-level mobs means less xp, and she had no quests for it. So now she's 10% of her level behind Kaled, which means I'll have to take her out solo and grind to catch her up. >.<

Been thinking of taking her and retaming her ghost saber, Gulhalrathn. Main reason being that although Toorambar has him now, I can easily think of a reason for him to give the cat back. And Tooram may be part of the purge I'm going to be doing (more on that at the bottom of the post). Also she still has an empty stable slot, and I have no plans for filling it so far, so she has space. Only bad thing is she'd have 2 cats.

I've been doing a lot of thinking, and will be going through my alts soonish and weeding some out. The only one I really don't want to delete is my warlock, just because he's level 35 and I don't want to level another one up from scratch. But I still don't really want to play him, and don't want to pay to move him. So if I do start wanting to run around dotting things, I guess I'll have to buck up and roll a new one.

I've been really happy on Feathermoon, and still have my friends on Gilneas, so once Cataclysm arrives, I'd like to have all my main toons on those servers. I'll still have Andrano on Silver Hand, and Khlar and recently-remade Gwynifar on Wyrmrest Accord, but that's it as far as different servers go. (Khlar isn't actually on Wyrmrest yet, he's still on Moon Guard, but I will be moving him sometime this weekend hopefully.) I'm hoping it will make things alot easier as far as leveling and gearing everyone up then. Can't think of anything else to add. RP has been happening but nothing I can really write about. But Pitch and Shaur may be getting involved in a Stormwind riot soon! (Long story.) So til next time, Happy Hunting!

Om nom nom....

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  1. 2 cats is a bad thing? Never!
    Also, I will probably be joining in the alt-weeding. And maybe a couple rerolls, haven't decided for certain yet.