Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pitch: Chasing Rumors

"I think I'll be going away for a bit soon."

Shaurria eyed Pitch, curiosity and worry both evident on her face. "Why?" He screwed up his face, thinking. "Umm, before I went into the Emerald Dream, I heard some rumors. And I was going to go check up on them, but I was called back. I think it's time I went back to that." "How long will you be gone?" Shaur asked him. "I don't know," he said, frowning slightly. "Depends on how quickly I can find any info."

Shaur looked at him searchingly. "Info on what?" "Umm, remember when I told you about Ursoc?" he asked her, and she nodded. "The rumors I heard were that he was alive again, somewhere in the Grizzly Hills." She blinked as he looked at her earnestly. "I... I have to go see," he said. "If he's alive..." He trailed off.

After a bit Shaur asked hesitantly, "Y- you'll be back after, right?" Pitch grinned at her. "Why, are you gonna miss me?" Blushing, Shaur turned to Windstar and started scratching her ruff.

* * * * * *

The evening passed uneventfully, despite Bartleby trying to start a couple barfights. Soon it was empty except for the three druids. Shaur had moved closer and was now leaning against Pitch, when Windstar suddenly got up and headed out of the bar. "I'm gonna take a walk, or something," she said on her way out. Shaur watched her go, startled, while Pitch's expression was more thoughtful. After she left, he looked down at the little druid. "What are you up to, kitty?" he asked, and she blushed faintly. "Nothin'." He didn't press it, and after a moment he eased his arm up around her shoulders. "Better?" She nodded, blushing more.

"When I get back," he said softly. "I'm going to take you places in Outland and show you stuff." She quirked an eyebrow at him curiously. "Like what?" she asked. "Umm, don't know yet," he replied. "But I'll think about it." Shaur nodded, then leaned her head on his shoulder, yawning quietly.

They sat in silence for several minutes before Pitch realized she was falling asleep. He gently shrugged the shoulder she was leaning on. "Kitty?" "Mmmf?" was her only response. "Think it's bedtime," he said, nudging her again. "Can you make it to the back room?" She just gave another sleepy grunt, so he got up carefully, keeping her from falling over, then bent down and lifted her up. She roused enough, as he carried her to the bunkroom in the back, to climb into a bed on her own, then she curled up and was asleep again.

When she woke the next morning, he was gone.

Woohoo for holidays, amirite? Didn't mean to neglect the blog this long, but being sick has killed any writing before it even got started, so...

Pitch has gone through the Wrathgate chain now, he is toon #5 to do it and is now level 74. I'm taking him to Grizzly Hills to do the Ursoc chain next, which will be awesome. He's doing it 100% in character, and I'll be trying to write the whole thing.

He's also been working on his epic flight form chain. Yes I know he's got the form but the questline is still awesome, and it's been a good source of xp while he went through it. He's now almost ready to face Anzu, the only thing stopping him is... the lack of an Auchindoun heroic key. See, this is why you still do the BC rep grinds. >.<

Arvoss is finally done with the entire Hodir chain, and Taurros (who is now 78!) is almost done with it, then he'll be heading to Zul'drak and Har'koa. If I don't go back to Sholazar first, he still isn't done there. Hmm, decisions...

And yea, in case you didn't get it from the story, Shaur is starting to realize that she likes Pitch. We'll see what happens as far as that goes.

That's about it. I'll be working on Pitch-stuff over the next few days, and also want to get Arvoss back into the heroic grind so he can get dps gear. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

(And last thing... Skyborne totally kissed Pitch on New Years. He liked it.)


  1. No matter how many times I go through it, the Wrathgate chain and cinematic is still epic.

  2. Once Taurros is 80, it will be Taurron's turn next. >.>

    6 toons thru the Wrathgate? Heck yes