Friday, September 23, 2011

What Is This I Don't Even....

Not even sure where to start with this one. From the beginning, I guess?

Sis got home late today, when I just happened to be logging on Lark to check for her lieutenant (STILL no Charscale, btw). As she was flying past Avianna's shrine toward the Firelands portal, I noticed a yellow dot moving below her on the minimap. I moused over it, had to read it twice, then called to my sis "Did you want to tame Ankha?"

Turns out she did, except her computer wasn't even turned on yet. I logged off Lark to let her use mine, and she got on Kel and went to see if the spirit-kitty was still up. She was!

Tame went perfectly. She let me get back to Lark and continue on my way. However, I had just gone through the portal when my brain belatedly registered another yellow dot that had been near the shrine when I went through....

It was Ban'thalos, up again and not 5 minutes after Ankha had been tamed. We did the character switch thing, then I had to get Kel onto the tree for her. Once that was done, she took over, and BOOM...

So now Kel has TWO new spirit beasts, yay!

For no particular reason I decided to go check Therazane for the Pebble daily. No luck, but then I decided to see if Jadefang was up. I'm sure you can see where this is going.

Jadefang was there, but Booggah was parked in Uldum waiting for Madexx. I logged off Lark and on Boo, then did a divebomb for the ground to hearth. NPC_Scan started blaring at me before he even touched the ground.

Funny story- Madexx had been showing up in green a lot for both me and my sister. She finally tamed him, and after that he stopped. We saw him in black twice and brown once, then kinda lost track of him until now. This time? Green again. I figured he was trying to tell me something.

Now maybe he'll show up in BLUE!

So, on to Deepholm. By this time my sis was on her own PC, so she was going to try to help Boo get his green squee spider. This is where we ran into difficulties. Boo didn't have the bombing daily, and the goblin that offered it was nowhere in sight. Kel tried using her bomb to blow him up to the ledge, but it doesn't work for cross-faction. (And now we know.)

There were other people running around, and an AFK druid up in her cave as well, so I was getting pretty anxious. Kel tried aggroing her to pull her down off the ledge, which didn't work but it did give me an idea. We found out he could stand on the nearby pillar and shoot her from there, so Kel pulled Jadefang to the edge and held her there so Boo could hit her with an arcane shot. It was enough to pull aggro, but she evaded when he tried to tame. A couple other attempts went the same way.

By this time the aforementioned druid had figured out what we were trying to do and offered to help. First he tried his bombs again- sis had to explain that they didn't work- then they both went up on the ledge. We found out Jadefang is immune to traps (Boo launched one up there) and hibernate, so there went those ideas. Finally I lost patience and just started spamming the tame button, and it took. I waited for the cast to count down, then she evaded at the last possible instant.

It was encouraging, though, and we tried it again. One try was pretty hairy, with Kel, the druid, and Kel's pet all juggling aggro at one point, but Jadefang finally focused back on Boo. He hit her with a couple more arcane shots, just to keep her on him, then started tame-spamming again.

And for whatever reason, this time it worked. Boo got his shale spider!

It was definitely the strangest tame I'd ever done, but so long as it worked, right? Jadefang is renamed Tak'ki, and his scorpid still needs a name. I'll have to think on that now. Boo is smitten with them both.

So that was today's crazy. After that my goblin finding and taming Gorefang earlier in the day seems like nothing. Taiglin is now 19, up from 14, and is still questing her way through Silverpine. I meant to get on Rheu, but he'll get his turn probably tomorrow, and then he'll hopefully be 80! He'll have some RP stuff still after I finish his story, but that can wait for a bit. I think when it's done he'll be ready to head back to civilization.

Still boggling a bit though. Gone so long without seeing any rares, and now between my sis and me that's 6 tames in... 5 days? Wow.

That's about it for now. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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