Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pitch: Another Night At The Pig

I really want to write about Pitch more than I do, but he can be so stubborn about letting me into his head that it's difficult. This time it was so easy, it was rather a surprise. So anyway, here's how things look from Pitch's viewpoint. This actually occurred in between my last 2 Lark posts, for reference.

Poor, poor Pitch. He's so clueless about girls. *pats him in sympathy*


The Pig was crowded. Too crowded.

Pitch watched Skyborne as unobtrusively as he could. After the talks he had had with his brother, he really wanted to talk to her. But there were so many people around, and besides, Taius was never far from her side. And Pitch didn't know Taius well at all, and definitely didn't want to make the human feel jealous. Especially when there was no reason to.

He thought of just coming out and asking her, but the memory of the first (and last) time he had done that was still strong. He didn't want the attention that would create; he was nervous enough already. So he waited for a good opportunity to ask her, just for a couple minutes of her time.

Pitch's own experience was very limited, he knew, but he also knew that people who liked each other spent time together. Like Alanon and Arien. Or his parents. Or any of the other myriad couples he saw nearly every week at the Pig. And he had hardly seen Sky since they had returned from Ashenvale. He knew it was mostly his fault- he had been so busy doing other stuff, and naturally Sky would turn to someone that could give her the attention that she needed. It looked pretty certain now that that someone wasn't Pitch.

He wanted to tell her it was okay. That he was fine with them remaining just friends, that if she wanted to be with Taius instead he wouldn't get in the way. They certainly looked happy enough together, he thought, as she playfully reached- again- for the human's ponytail.

He didn't mind. He and Lark were spending all the time he could want together, so he wasn't lonely. And while he wished he knew why Lark refused to go beyond "just friends" when they obviously got along so well, he wasn't willing to risk their friendship by pushing too hard for anything more.

Pitch watched as Sky turned to a stranger that had shown up, another Kal'dorei. He kept watching, sure that he would get his chance sooner or later. But the Pig was crowded and he was distracted by the others soon enough. He still hadn't said anything to her by the time he realized that she had left.

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