Monday, November 22, 2010

Pre-Cata Roundup

A while back I did a post on the things I'd like to do before Cataclysm is released. Since it looks like the Big Patch is dropping tomorrow, I thought I'd take a minute to see how far I've gotten.

Taurros has been moved. I haven't done much with him since (or any of my poor Horde guys), but it's good to have him "home" on Feathermoon. I will likely be moving Barraccus and Quae sometime this week as well, even have their IC "appearance" all figured out.

Quae and Shaurria are probably not going to make it to 80, unless I do some pretty major grinding. Quae is up to 76 now and Shaur is 77, but that's about it. I might just finish leveling them anyways, since the new 80+ leveling zones are likely to be CRAZY at first, but I don't know yet.

Rillian is 80 now and has been farming up points for his gear. He's got some t9 and other badge gear, plus the elemental invasion bosses coughed up some goodies for him, so he's doing pretty good.

Rajast is now 69. I spent all day today on him and got him up 3 levels. Thank goodness for heirlooms! He'll probably just sit for now, but he'll get finished sooner or later.

Arvoss' jewelcrafting hasn't been touched. I am a tad mad at myself, but hey, there's only so much time in each day. Can't get it all done, you know. On a plus side, Turron's JCing is nearly maxed.

Speaking of Turron, I've been neglecting him in favor of my others, but he has gotten another piece of t9 tanky goodness, and his dps set has seen some upgrades. He won't be finished come Cata, but I think I'll be happy.

My pet-craziness has wound down. I'm quite proud of my latest additions, most notably Booggah's new wolf and Lark's latest cat (she has 3 now, I think it's safe to call her a cat person).

Firstly, the wolf!

I took Lark out to Hinterlands on a whim, and there he was. Unfortunately I'd taken Boo back out to Sholazar. It was a long trip, but the old fella was still there, waiting for him.

Curious about the name? Well, Lark's mount is named Wynd. And this cat, Shadowclaw, is going to have a skin change in Cataclysm, to the riding-saber model. So, yea.

And finally, the last member of the gang, just so he's not left out...

The only pet left for Lark now is her fox, once I decide which color I want (the black one is tempting, but I'll probably go for the red/brown one). I'd still like to get Loque'nahak on Booggah, but I'm not rushing it. And he'll get more than his fill of the new stuff as well. *Starts thinking of what Cataclysm pets to tame....*

So that's about it so far. I have a ton of writing to do still, which annoys me. -_- Hopefully I'll get it done quickly. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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