Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Waiting Game

No, no new RP posts (although if you want to read something non-WoW I have one up on my other blog >.>). But since I can't think of anything better, why not a to-do/wish list?

Cataclysm is officially coming out Dec. 7th, according to Blizzard. So now what do I do while I wait?

To start with, I still want to get Quae and Shaurria to 80. I know that I probably won't have time to get them geared up and all, but since Quae will be duo-leveling with Barraccus anyway, I doubt she'll feel the gear-pinch. Shaur... I don't know, but I'll figure it out.

Taurros needs to get to Feathermoon, he's still chillin' out on Durotan. This is still mostly dependent on my sister being able to move her shammy, but things have been looking better for her financially, so hopefully that'll be soon.

I have a solution for Zuluu- I will be faction-changing him to Alliance. To a Night elf, to be precise. A Night elf named Rill, who has a penchant for trouble, picking pockets, and running his mouth. Also worships his hippogryph, which means I'll need to farm up the Cenarion Expedition rep for him to get it. Ugh.

Rill is a character concept that I've held on to for a couple months now. He's an old friend of Lark's; back when I went on vacation with my family, Pitch and his family took a vacation too. Lark went with them for a couple days, and then went on to Winterspring to track Rill down. There will be a story for it. Eventually.

Rajast the shammy needs to be leveled. With the other two, and Rill to boot, taking up my time, I'm not sure if I can get him to 80 before Cata rolls out. But I'll be happy if I can get him to 70 and Northrend. He's at 65 now, so shouldn't be too hard.

Level. Arvoss'. Jewelcrafting. For cryin' out loud. *kicks self into gear*

Turron needs to finish up his t9 tank gear so he can be all set for Cata. He has 2 pieces now, and just got the frosty cloak, so if I can, yanno, do stuff, it shouldn't take long.

I'd like to do stuff with Davoss too, but I don't know if I'll have enough time after all the rest to do anything. So he's a "we'll see."

Now, wish list! What do I want to do when Cata makes the world explode?

First, get on someone, anyone really, and go exploring. I want to see at least some of the changes that will happen before I decide what to do next.

Make a worgen hunter. And druid. And human hunter. And.... wait, I think that was it. *scratch head*

Zuluu the troll will not be gone for good. He will be coming back as a troll druid (because I don't have enough druids >.>). I didn't like the neon tigers at first, really, but I think they've grown on me. And I like his character concept, and think it might work better on a big feral kitty-druid better anyway.

Turron will be getting the leveling love first, so he's ready to go when my guild is. He'll be my only toon still on Gilneas by then, so he'll be my only raider. Unless something really crazy happens and I get in with some of the Feathermoon raiders. (Would love for that to happen, but... not really seeing it. >.>)

Transfer Quae and Barraccus to Feathermoon and hope they don't fill the server. That's where my human hunter is hopefully going, so gotta make room for him. Even have his name saved already.

Edit cause my brain is working now: If I have his name saved, I also have a spot saved for him. All set then!

Caelan my loooong-neglected dwarf hunter will be rerolled as a shaman. I might level her once I do. Maybe.

Once hunter Caelan is gone, that's where my 2 worgens will go. Heck, if I level them, Turron might not be my only raider after all..... *thinking*

Final thing(I think)-- AHMAHGOLLY HUNTER PETS! Lots of new pets, new models, new skins, etc. Lark is definitely getting a fox. I will be rerolling Andrano (for the bazillionth time, poor dude) so he can have the white stripey sabercat. And my human is getting a mastiff for his RP pet. Human+dog. It's perfect!

Wow, that was a lot longer than I thought it'd be. Umm, that's all I can think of right now, so til next time... Happy Hunting!

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