Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Additions to the "Gang"

The patch brought newly designed stables for hunters as well as the new talent/spell changes and stuff. I haven't only been testing out my toons' specs and abilities, I've also been running around on my hunters, reclaiming old friends and finding new ones. Fun stuff!

I rerolled Andrano again, poor guy. Why? Because I've wanted one of these ever since I discovered the one in Darnassuss:

Meet Dumaris, who will be joining Sangha at Andrano's side from now on. In case I ever write about him again, you know. >.> And yes, I totally got him to pose up there on purpose.

Booggah has been extra busy. Not only does he have a fuller stable, he also got a new mount!

I got the Horseman's mount on the character I hardly play anymore. The RNG loves me, I swear.

Boo has 3 additions to play with, plus a couple more he hasn't found yet. First off is his silithid- I tamed one of these briefly before but never got attached to it. Now, however, I love it. The web ability also is great for runners in instances. Skitterbug was the first newbie to get to 80, too.

Next was Samahe the rhino. I missed him so much, it's great to have him back (poor Karda may be neglected for now). He was already 79 when tamed, so Boo just had to get him up 1 level. Yay.

And finally the one that I missed the most out of all of them. BlackHide the raptor had to go to make room for Mageddon the devilsaur. Getting him back was just... awesome. He's not leveled yet, but he's the only one left so it'll be quick.

I've made a few passes through Sholazar looking for Loque, but no luck so far. I'm not pushing it, however. If I find him, then I find him. I'm also toying with the idea of camping a few other rares with him, notably Araga and Old Cliff Jumper. We'll see.

I wasn't going to get any new pets on Lark, but then I started thinking about the pets I've wanted to try out but never did. So eventually I talked myself into making a few trips with her.

The Scarlet Tracking Hound will be changed to the mastiff model in Cata. I have no idea if Shalka here will also change now that he's tamed, but if he does then I'll just retame him. And Lark will have a bonus dog that she didn't have to go get! (sort of.) He hasn't been leveled yet for lack of motivation, but I'll get around to it soon.

I didn't want a corehound before, but after my sis tamed the Beast, I started thinking. Then I took a trip to Azuremyst....

The pet emotes for corehounds are vastly amusing. Fauth is now 80, so I'll have to get him in a raid or something to see what numbers he can put out.

Both of Lark's new pets are OOC; poor Lark is struggling to make sure her current 3 all get the attention they deserve, if I threw any more into the mix she'd probably disown me. >.>

Final note- not all the new additions have been pets. Rillian's Borean ear-farming and Steam Vault-running have finally come to an end. And he'll finally be able to show off his "girl" to anyone he cares to. Shar'adore- "Brightwing" in Darnassian- is finally official.

So, that's about it for them. I've been doing other stuff naturally- Shaur is 77 now and Rill is nearly 76- but it's late and I need sleep. I also need to kick this writer's block, I haven't had one in so long that I'm going a little crazy at the moment. Hopefully I'll be done with my current story soon, it's long overdue now.

Til next time Happy Hunting!

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