Friday, October 22, 2010

Patch 4.0- Priest, Shaman, Warrior and Feral Druid

I've played around with several of my previously-neglected toons and feel like I have a good feel for them now, so on to the next bunch!

First, feral druids. Pitch tanked a Patchwerk run earlier in the week, and it looks like my bear-tanking fears have been unnecessary. He had a little bit of the DPS jumping the gun before he really had the mob, and large groups gave him a bit of trouble with swipe having a CD now, but overall I'm content. Bears are still fun.

Taurros has hit the Headless Horseman a couple times, and while that's not the best fight to judge DPS and performance, he still did pretty nice. Not outstanding, but his gear is still awful so I wasn't expecting too much. I'm planning on hitting some heroics with him and/or Pitch to get a better idea of how kitties are doing.

Priests- firstly, keep in mind that Quae is shadow, and will remain shadow for the foreseeable future, so no healing opinions here. Shadow DPS is still fun, but I haven't seen much of the goodness that is Shadowy Apparition yet. Numbers-wise, she's still doing about the same as she was pre-patch, but that's been the norm for most of my toons so that's fine. I still haven't gotten her her dual-spec, but I may try it out once she hits 80, just to see what priest-healing is really like.

Shaman- Dear Blizzard, I miss my spirit wolves! That's my only gripe about Rajast, really. I got him up to level 60 so he could get them, then had them just long enough to get used to them. On the plus side, he's now 66, so he'll get them back pretty soon.

Enhancement shaman has been interesting, but in a fun way. His rotation stayed pretty much the same, and his numbers haven't changed much, but it somehow seems more.. interactive? I dunno. Also, holy flip mana bar! I ran him through 3 dungeons, and he didn't have to drink once. Whatever they did to shammies' mana regen, I love it.

I saved my warrior for last for a reason. Turron is a tank first, DPS second- that's why I've been spending his badges getting his prot gear instead of upgrading his DPS set. But his experiences with tanking have left me irritated and frustrated. According to the Panzercow, the new Vengeance ability is supposed to be a major part of our threat generation, but as he points out it takes some time to build up. Meanwhile the DPS is laying into the mob/boss/whatever with impunity, leaving poor Turron running around trying to regain aggro that is hopelessly out of reach. Now granted this has been against the Horseman? But if this is how tanking is going to be, then I'm scared to death of trying to tank a heroic with him, in his current gear.

Take, as an example, the last Horseman kill I did with him. The top DPSer was a shadow priest that did over 4k. He tanked the boss. The entire time. I think the Horseman might have glanced at Turron at some point while I was madly taunting and shield-slamming? But that was about it. And looking at Recount afterwards and seeing my little warrior sitting at 500 DPS for the fight just made me want to find a hole and curl up in it. Seriously, Blizz? DPSers? Could you give him a bit of a break?

Or I could just leave him as DPS and lol-Mortal Strike my way to his gear. Right now, Arms is making up for Prot's failings. Chain-critting for 6k+ in his wimpy DPS gear? Yes please.

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