Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lark: Rillian

So I mentioned that Rill had gotten some RP time already. His first night went pretty well, but the second time he visited the Pig he managed to get on Seylon's bad side, by making a rather... improper comment about her son. Lark felt obliged to track him down and try to straighten him out a bit afterward. This would be the following afternoon.

Lark found Rill sitting on a stack of crates at the docks. He was half-hidden in the shadows, and she wondered briefly if he did that on purpose or if it was just unconscious instinct by now. She wandered over casually, then hopped up to a crate just below him and sat. Tuah curled up on a pile of sacks below her.

Rill's eyes flicked over to her immediately. "'Lo, lass." His tone was perfectly neutral, and she wondered if he was angry over last night. "Heya," she greeted him back. "Everything alright?" he asked. "Yes," she replied. "I just wanted to talk to you." He gave her a crooked grin at that. "S'at so?"

Lark held back her sigh. He definitely wasn't going to make this easy on her. "Look, Rill?" she began. "I know you're used to doing what you want around the goblins and people of Winterspring, but you can't really do that stuff here." He made a sour face at her. "Is'at all ya came t' say, love?" he asked, his tone now matching his expression. "Please don't call me that," she said. Rill gave her a searching look, then abruptly shrugged and looked away, out over the ocean. "A'right then," was all he said.

Lark followed his gaze, just as the boat that went to and from Northrend pulled in to dock. She glanced back at Rill; he was staring at the boat, but she couldn't tell if he was really looking at it, or if he saw something else. "Wanting to be gone already?" she asked him softly. He grinned crookedly at her again. "One thing ya got right, lass, is that this ain't home," he told her. "I won't ever argue that with ya. But my business here ain't done yet." He sighed. "But aye, I miss my girl." He paused and looked at her sideways. "...s'kinda nice t' get away from the 'Lune-blasted snow, though," he added, and Lark snickered.

Tuah grumbled as he shifted around, trying to get comfortable. The rogue glanced at him, then back at her. "Lass, that last big trip we went on..." he began, and Lark felt her throat tighten. Was he going to bring it up again? But his next words were a bit of a surprise. "I, uh," he said hesitantly, then blurted the rest in a rush. "Y'said I couldn't understand, what I put ya through. Well, I've seen a mite more since then, and.... you're right, it's not something I could ever understand." Now he looked at her, as if begging her to understand. "But I think I've got a better idea of what ya went through, and I'm sorry for what I did and said."

Lark just blinked at him at first, unsure if she'd heard him correctly. Rill never apologized for anything he could get away with, and to hear him do so now, with no obligation, was a bit of a shock. "It's... I didn't mean everything I said, Rill," she finally said. "It was a long time ago. Time heals." He gave her a faint smile. "Maybe. But maybe it doesn't heal everything."

Lark looked away, suddenly uncomfortable with the direction the conversation was going. Rill shifted around on the crate, making it creak ominously. "So," he said, his tone switching to the casual banter that they had always used with each other. "Why don't ya give me a few pointers on how t' avoid getting someone's blade stuck in me?"

Lark snickered a bit, then again as his expression turned hurt. "Well, for starters, don't insult anyone else's kids. Or else I'll not only not defend you, I'll hold you down so they can beat you." She shot him a glare for emphasis, which faded somewhat as he chuckled. "Think I can manage that well enough. Anythin' else?" She thought for a moment. "Stop tweaking Pitch's ears, while you're at it. He hates it." Rill cocked his head. "Pitch." He didn't quite make it a question.

Lark hesitated for just a second. "The druid. Big black kitty-cat?" "Ahh," he said. "That yer new man, then?" She hesitated again, and he looked at her curiously. "He's my... my current partner, yes. But we're not more than friends, really." His raised eyebrow spoke volumes, but he didn't press it, which she was grateful for. "Also, if you meet a human named Bricu, try to be polite? He can be a bit... touchy sometimes."

Rill's grin returned as he nodded. "Think I can remember that." He suddenly looked past her, toward the nearby dock, his eyes narrowing intently. Lark turned to look too, and caught a flash of movement as someone stepped behind a pile of crates there. Human, she thought. She looked back at Rill with a raised eyebrow, and he gave her his crooked grin. "My contact," he explained. "Best be off. I'll catch ya later, lass."

Lark nodded and stood, hopping down off the crate without further comment. Tuah got up immediately and fell in at her heel, as if glad to be going. She looked back once at her friend, who gave her a little wave, then made a shooing motion. Smiling to herself, Lark left him to his "work".

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