Friday, October 1, 2010


I feel like I should apologize. I don't mean to let so much time go between posts, but I've been so tired lately that once I get home, even if I've thought of something to write about at work, I lose it the moment I get in my car to head home. I am still working on my Shaurria-furbolg story, but it.. may be a while yet. >.>

Other than writing, I haven't had much interest in WoW lately. RP is still fun, but that's about it. And RP only really happens when other people are online, so... yea. Everyone seems to be in pre-Cata limbo, which is kinda expected since we finally have a tentative release date.

I haven't done anything as far as Cata goes- no beta, no PTR, nothing. It's a change from last expansion, when I actually was in the beta, but eh. And to be honest, some of the changes I've heard about have me less than enthusiastic (like bear-tanking, QQ). I'm hoping hunters will still be fun, because I'm thinking I will be spending a LOT of time on them. Good thing I have so many?

Most of my time has been spent on LOTRO. Remember Ilfariel, my warden? She's level 31 now. I now have 4 other toons at level 20 or above, as well. And they're all fun to play, so favoritism has been pretty small.

The best thing about reaching level 20? At that level you get a mount. And the LOTRO mounts are so pretty.

(Aaaaugh, screenshot spam!! >.>)

In order from the top, that is Vanyell the lore-master on his horse Corbin, my hunter Solanthe on Celeg, Ilfariel on Villox, Elgo the champion on his horse Dagger, and finally Durek the dwarf guardian on his pony Copper. Unfortunately I don't have a screenshot of my rune-keeper Aran on his horse Thalas yet.

Have I mentioned yet that you can name your mounts in the game? Well, you can.

That's about all I've been up to this past week or so. Lark did get exalted with the Silver Covenant finally, but other than that my WoW time has been pretty brief. Maybe it'll pick up again before the expansion, I dunno.

Til next time (which hopefully won't be so long as this time), Happy Hunting!

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