Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lark has the stupidest luck ever...

Remember back when I found Loque? When I wasn't expecting to find him but decided to do a quick fly-by, "just in case"?

I had decided to go look for Araga on Booggah, but at the last second I changed my mind and Lark went instead. I flew up to Hillsbrad, trekked up to the headlands in Alterac, and started looking.

20 seconds later.....

Yup, took about 20 seconds. Half of that was the tame itself. :P

Just... nobody tell Boo, okay?

He(or she, haven't decided yet) took awhile to name, but I finally settled on Keshu. So now when I talk about him it sounds like I'm sneezing. No, this was not intentional.

He's nearly to 80 already, then I'm leveling Shalka before I go find any more pets. Her pets will not be neglected! (Even the OOC ones. >.>)

And yes, Lark is rocking out some T10 shoulders there. All this instancing to level pets is good for at least one thing.

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