Saturday, October 16, 2010

Patch 4.0- Hunters, Druids and Rogues

Okay, I've had time to play with a few of my guys now, so let's try this again, shall we?

Hunters first off, because duh, hunters! Lark was my first to get specced/glyphed, though I only did her BM spec. Her second spec is remaining blank until I decide to go MM again or else give Surv a try. BM.... well, first thing is I MISS MY LAZERKITTY DANGIT! The heal that spirit beasts have now is... kinda useful? Maybe? But I haven't had an occasion where I needed it yet. Komah's dps is still up there, however, so I'm fairly happy with it anyway.

I ran Lark in a couple heroics and then the weekly raid (Patchwerk) so I could get a feel for it right away. Her dps on trash.... was sad. That's all I can say. She went from little over 3k dps to maybe 2.5k. Bosses were better, and other bloggers have said that it's just because hunters need time to "rev up" a bit now and trash just dies too fast. I think I agree. Patchwerk was the real test, after all, and since we were, uh, kind of 5-manning it (>.>) I had an excellent opportunity to test it.

Lark's final DPS for Patchwerk was about 4.5k. Yea, ain't complaining about that.

So! Hunters- seem pretty cool. I did a little bit with Kaled and Khaotic too, and I'm still pretty happy. Khaotic went back to Surv, all I did was pound on a training dummy for a bit, but she managed a bit over 1k DPS even with being focus-starved most of the time. Kaled went through some quests, no training dummy for him yet, and he and Vysaka the worm did very well. Stuff died super fast, no low-health problems, and worms are Best Tanks Ever. (Ok, maybe not but I still love them.)

Booggah did nothing but run around collecting old friends. I'll try to get him into a heroic or something some time, because he has to level BlackHide the raptor now. Samahe the rhino, being a tank pet, will get leveled up the hard way I think. He just needs 1 level anyway, so shouldn't take long.

That was about it for my hunters, so next up is druids. First off, I uh, haven't really done anything on any of my ferals yet. I'm a baddie. Alanon, however, got enough attention to make up for it. And Shaur will get some leveling attention at some point, so I'll see how she does then.

Boomkins are fun. Not that they weren't before, but still. Alanon's DPS seems to have gone up, even without any gem changes or reforging attempts. I may play around with reforging a bit, haven't decided yet.

Resto was what had me worried the most, to be honest. I shouldn't have worried at all. He healed with a holydin for another weekly-raid run, with no deaths and lots of big green numbers. Efflorescence is too much fun. I have to confess that I spammed Regrowth most of the time- I felt like I was back in vanilla, in a way. I really need to learn the rotation and stuff for it. Nourish.... isn't as much fun as before. The cast time seems really long, about the same as Healing Touch, for a lot less mana but much smaller heals too. So yea, a lot of Regrowth spam with Rejuvs and Swiftmends thrown in.

Now on to the last one for this post- Rogues!

I went ahead and did the faction-switch a few days before the patch, so Zuluu is gone and Rillian is in his place. I've RP'ed him some already, and he's fun if you don't mind the slightly-jerky-type. *ahem* But more on that later.

I specced Rill Assassination after a lot of "stare at the talent page and wonder what the heck I'm doing". Now I wish I'd done it before. Assassination is fun, rogues are fun, sheesh, I think I love the patch for that reason alone. I've gone from thinking about deleting him to wanting to play him all the time.

His rotation? Cheap shot, backstab, mutilate, eviscerate. If the mob isn't dead then, it is after a couple more hits. Throw in some lucky crits, and sometimes he doesn't even get the evis off. I ran a random dungeon with him too, and while he wasn't super-DPSer, he didn't do badly considering I was still learning what stuff did. And the fact that he's geared in all quest greens. I, uh, really ought to do something about that. >.>

This is what I wanted in a rogue- a sneaky toon that Kills Things Fast. When Zuluu got to Northrend, leveling turned into "Take 30 seconds or more to kill one mob, repeat 3x, then stop to eat/bandage." It was, frankly, a grind in every sense. Now, Rill can kill 20 mobs or so without taking much damage, so long as I'm careful with what I'm doing. He's still squishy- he wound up vs. 3 mobs at once and barely came out alive- but most of the time things are dead before the stun wears off.

So to sum up rogues? Thank you Blizzard, I needed that.

And I know they'll probably get nerfed eventually, but for now I'm going to level up Rill as much as I can, and enjoy it in the process. Also? He got to revered with Cenarion Expedition already, and between farming ears in Borean and duoing Coilfang instances with Alanon, he'll have his hippogryph very soon.

That's about all I can think of. I'll try out Turron, Davoss, and at least one of my ferals in the next week or so and do a post for them. And Rill is inspiring some RP posts (finally!) so I'll probably have one of those up soonish. So til next time, Happy Hunting!

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