Monday, June 7, 2010

Lark: Komah

Finally finished this! Also, have some new art.

The usual cacophony of the Sholazar rainforest was abruptly stilled. Lark didn't realize it at first; she was thinking, on the things Har'koa and Pitch had both told her. When Tuah suddenly gave a low growl, however, she raised her head and looked around in alarm.

At first she saw nothing, just the white gorillas milling around, doing... whatever it was gorillas did in the hottest part of the day. But then she realized there was another white animal there, one much, much larger than a gorilla. And it was watching her.

Look for the snow in summer's basin.

Har'koa's cryptic parting words rang in her ears again as she met the brightly glowing eyes of the biggest cat- if cat it was- that she had ever seen. The creature stared back at her calmly, then took a couple steps closer. She didn't quite jump as a gentle, masculine voice sounded in her head. You are Lark, the one that helped my mate when she was in danger. Lark blinked at him. "And if I am?" she replied, her voice steady despite the fact that her knees shook. He blinked back, slowly. She promised you a future reward, since you took none for your help. The spotted head lowered, the eyes not leaving her own. I am it, if you want me.

Lark suddenly found that she did want him, and the thought scared her. "Who are you?" she asked. I am one of Har'koa's mates, he replied. There are quite a few of us. I am one of the youngest, and not currently... in favor, you would say. I am expendable, if that's what you worry about. "So you're a god," she said bluntly. He blinked again, unfazed. A demi-god, rather. However, if you accept me, I will lose a good deal of my power. I'll be just another animal, if a sentient one. She snerked at that. "Just another animal? Somehow I doubt that," she commented, and felt a touch of amusement from the cat. "Do you have a name?" He shook his head. That is your choice. Give me a name, and I am yours. Lark shook her head, then suddenly recalled what a friend had told her, centuries ago. She looked at the cat again. "The name binds you." He blinked again, and nodded. She hesitated. "Let me think a bit." He cocked his head, Of course, and followed at a discreet distance as she walked to a nearby rock and sat.

* * * * * *

"So if I accept you, you'll become a mortal cat." He cocked his head at her. Yes. Lark sighed, and he pricked his ears. Is that a problem? She looked at him for a long while before answering. "You should probably know," she said reluctantly, "most of my pets don't live very long." His head cocked the other way. But not all. Some have lived, to die of old age. She gave him a slight, sad smile. "A few," she admitted. "A very few." She fell silent, until Tuah grumbled at her. She glanced at her pet; he was laying several yards away, reluctant to come closer to the huge, strange cat she was conversing with. She couldn't blame him.

The cat whuffed softly. You're afraid of causing my death. She looked at him expressionlessly, then slowly nodded. Well, I don't think it will be easy to kill a demi-god, he commented. Even one in a mortal shape. I said I would lose most of my power, not all of it. She merely looked at him, then finally, slowly, she reached out and touched his cheek. She hesitated again, then spoke the name she had thought of, "Komah."

He closed his eyes and purred as a bright glow sprang up around him. Lark jerked her hand away and squinted as he disappeared in it, then it slowly faded away. She blinked her eyes until she could see normally again, then looked at the cat and quirked an eyebrow. He was now much smaller than he had been, although still larger than Tuah, and the glow of his eyes and facial markings was muted somewhat. He blinked at her, and his mind-voice sounded almost eager. So, now that's done, where will we go? Lark chuckled. "I'm not sure. Dalaran, maybe? Ever seen a city?" He shifted his front paws, looking almost sheepish. I've actually never been out of the Basin.

She blinked at him. "Never?" Well, I've never had a reason to leave, he said defensively. She shook her head ruefully. "All right, we'll start small. Think you can handle a gnomish airstrip?" He blinked at her again. Ahh, could you tell me what a gnomish is first? Lark looked at him incredulously, then burst out laughing. After a few confused moments, Komah joined in.

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