Monday, June 28, 2010

So, umm...

My sister found a battered hilt in the AH for (comparatively) cheap-ish, and spent most of tonight on her warrior, running around in instances and doing quests (some of which were really cool >.>). The end result?

Yay, Kal!!

I've been tinkering mostly the last couple days. Lark finished up the holiday achievements, so now she has a title to go with her outfit. She didn't have enough blossoms to get the pet, but oh well. Shaurria is still getting instance runs with my fellow Feathermoonies, so she's 74 1/2 now and moving right along. Still haven't finished Wrathgate, and now she can go to Grizzly Hills and do the Ursoc chain, so that might be tomorrow's agenda. Provided the servers are up, of course. >.>

Davoss is now 31, I've been working on his blacksmithing so leveling has slowed a bit. I have suddenly learned how to pally-AOE, however, so what leveling I have been doing has been fast. It's almost funny how I've never gotten one above level 20, but Dav has just clicked. I can't wait to get him to 60+.

I've done some on Zuluu as well, and I may get him to 80 yet. Maybe not until Cataclysm hits, but at least he'll get there. Rajast has been a bit neglected lately, he's still sitting at 53. I need to run him through the Plagueland cauldron quests.

Pitch is still farming Ahune for the pet, but it hasn't dropped yet. He has gotten 2 scythes so far. I think the RNG is laughing at me.

I finished this picture! I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. Komah's spots were hard, though.

That's about it right now. I've been dinking around with story ideas, so I may have something post-worthy in a day or two. Til then Happy Hunting!

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