Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Taming Spree?

You had to know the first thing I'd do once MoP dropped is go tame new pets, right? Although technically the first thing I did was log on all my toons and train their professions up... but you know. ;)

Booggah got his turn first. I haven't really planned a lot of pets for him, although he is interested in Bloodtooth, the rare dragon turtle. That will have to wait until Boo's leveled a bit, but for now, he's keeping content with just one new buddy, a porcupine.

I really didn't expect the little bugger to shrink that much. I even had to take a screenie of him next to a wild porcupine, just for a size comparison. Wow.

I really hope they stay this small, too. He's adorable, and it kind of makes up for Blizz taking away the mini-beetle from Naxx.

Lark and Pitch went next, although I got distracted by questing for a bit. But eventually they wound up by the fish-people's village, where Lark finally had her reunion with Finnegan.

He was sitting on a rock at the water's edge right where I came up. It was just like he was waiting for her, I swear, so of course that was the one I tamed. :D

After that I just puttered around with pet battle stuff (not much, didn't even leave Stormwind) and with monk!Pitch. Then I randomly decided to go see if I might find Savage's tracks...

I really wasn't expecting to find anything. He's a brand-new rare, it's the first day of the new expansion, and plus there were people everywhere. I figured he must've been found and tamed by at least 2-3 other hunters already, so he wouldn't even be up, right? I'd just follow his patrol route, get myself familiar with it, and then probably log for the night.

There is an awesome blog post with maps for all the MoP rares right here, so I looked that up and got tracking. I'd followed it for over half-way, and had just passed a worgen hunter that was standing around flaring everywhere, when I suddenly saw... a track.

I don't even know how I got so flipping lucky. I was even at the end of his trail, because I only found 2 more tracks before I had to wait for the next to show up. A quick flare, arcane shot to tag and tame, and....

Askfdgahw I don't even know. I just hope this doesn't mean Booggah will be camping Bloodtooth for weeks, like his blue Madexx hunt. Even if he does... omygolly wow.

His name is Savage, because I really couldn't think of anything better and Tuah just didn't quite fit. And now, I think Lark is done with pet-taming until she's capped, then I'll figure out which others she might be interested in.

Tomorrow, more leveling! Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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