Thursday, September 20, 2012

Catching Up: Feeling Blue...

... which is just a cheesy way of saying that Booggah can finally leave Uldum.

This is probably a really bad time to realize I don't really like the scorpid combat noises, but for him I don't care. And he seems so "right" running around next to Booggah, it gives me warm fuzzies every time. And now I am done pet-camping. Done, DONE I SAY. At least until Lark can start tracking down Savage....

Boo's also gotten up to Timeroic ilevel, and on his first run there he picked up another new friend. Sigh...

I like this guy a lot, actually. And Boo has a couple more pets I could release if I had to, so maybe he'll get to keep him.

Zuuluu the troll is up to level 20, though I've been taking a break with him since. Possibly just waiting until I can move Kaledain and Khaotic over, so he'll have shoulder heirlooms to go with his helm and cloak, I don't know. Those 2 are the last ones I'll be moving, so I'm going to try and get it done soon and get it over with.

*   *   *   *   *   *

And now, my take on the scenario.....

Firstly, I did manage to read Tides of War all the way through before the scenario went live. It was... well, rather wrenching, to be honest. A story like that, combined with the general moodiness I've been going through lately... well, it didn't quite make me cry? But it came pretty darn close.

And then the in-game scenario dropped, and Booggah was the first one to run it. It went pretty well (despite the ret pally in the group trying to pull the whole courtyard and nearly wiping us- Booggah managed to Feign Death in time), up until we got to the blood elf we were supposed to rescue. I don't really remember what he said- I've only run Horde-side that one time- but it was kinda like "Wait, what?"

And then Boo got his letter...

That just seemed a bit like a slap in the face, especially the "poor humor" bit. I'm probably reading way too much into it, but seriously, if this is the way the Horde is going to go now? I'm... just not sure I want to keep playing Horde-side.

Although it is creating all kinds of delicious RP.

The Alliance-side version is a bit better, although I had a moment the first time I ran up to Jaina standing at the bomb. I've run through on all my eligible characters now, though Pitch was the only one to get in the Riders' IC run Tuesday night. That... was amazing.

Mists is getting me really excited about the potential RP happening. I'm fairly sure my "mains" in Mists are going to be Pitch and Rheugan, just because they are getting so much character development out of it so far. Rheugan is still figuring out where he fits in the world now, and I think that maybe having to get back into war again will really get things moving as far as that is concerned. Especially if he does get into the Riders.

.... Or maybe it will just break him completely. Who knows? XD

Pitch's development was not so much of a surprise for me, but it will be for anyone that doesn't know him. He's always seemed to be such a generally care-free, happy-go-lucky fellow that you may not realize he does have buttons to be pushed. And trying to tear down his homeland (Ashenvale), threatening war at what was supposed to be a Peace Summit, and then actually starting that war, by using a weapon of such destruction that it wipes out an entire city?

Yea, that definitely pushed some buttons.

Which gives me a perfect excuse to start actually writing things again, doesn't it? I better get busy!

Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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