Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just in Time!

I've been working on Taurros the last couple days, and when I logged off last night he was about 83% through level 84. So today after work I got back on the old boy and...

This was another of my pre-Mists goals, one that I didn't think I'd be able to get done. Needless to say, it feels really good to have finished him in time. I'm not worried about gearing him at all, he'll just pick up a set of vendor gear before he starts his Pandaria questing.

I had a bit of amusement while he was questing in the Highlands- a pvp-flagged pally found him and decided to "play"...

He was so busy trying to kill my mobs for me, I don't even know if he noticed when I flew off. >.>

I think I forgot to mention that I finally got this guy. Taurros helped- when I took him back to Nagrand to help Sis' mage with Ring of Blood, I stopped him by Garadar and bought a few more talbuks. XD

Still have a number of mounts I can grab if I decide I want a dragonhawk, though I'm still more concerned with mini-pet collecting. Kael'thas still refuses to give up his phoenix hatchling, and Pebble seems to be behaving himself in Deepholme. Hoping that I'll finally get lucky and nab them both before too much longer!

I'm getting really excited for Mists now. Only a bit over 24 hours! Tomorrow I am off work, so I'm planning to just tinker with stuff and make sure everyone is ready, then it'll be just waiting on the clock. Right now, though, I need sleep so I can focus on stuff tomorrow.

Til next time, Happy Hunting and I'll see you in Pandaria!

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