Thursday, October 1, 2009

Into the Wild Blue Yonder!!!

Yes I did title my post after the achievement. Three guesses why.

Blizzard recently dropped the prices for flying mount training, from 600g to 212g. I had several characters that hadn't gotten it yet, because I'm too lazy/ADD/tired to farm up the gold... BUT they all did have over 200g saved, so that's pretty much all I did today.

First up was Taurron, my neglected warrior. He is level 72 but I never got him his training because he went to Northrend right at 68, so he was never actually able to train it til he'd been there for awhile. As the highest level toon on that account, he had noone to buy him the heirloom book, so there wasn't much point since he couldn't use it until 77 anyway. I figured I was bound to have the money by then. But, I figured what the heck, and got it for him today. Then I celebrated by flying a full lap around Hellfire Peninsula mining. Hopefully he won't be broke for much longer.

His wyvern's name is Tobar, for absolutely no reason except that it popped into my head while I was flying around. And it sounds suitably tauren-ish.

Kaled & Khaotic were next. They had the most money saved between the two of them, so they're not quite broke. And it's a TON easier flying them around together rather than riding. They celebrated by doing their Ravasaur daily. The ravasaur hatchling is adorable, btw.

Kaled's is named Aroth after the hawkstrider he'll probably never use anymore. Khaotic's is named Vene. The names mean "blue" and "tan", respectively. Ain't I creative? >.>

Arvoss actually got his a couple days ago. My sister's hunter hit 58 so we went to Outland together, and got a few levels between them. His gryphon is named Falla, means Shade.

And finally, Quae got another run thru Ramparts, which dinged her to 60. Now that she can fly behind Barraccus, I'm gonna quest for awhile, then run thru both dungeons to actually get the quests done. He isn't named yet, I'm still thinking on it.

Edit: I've named him Thoribas, means Moonbeam. ^_^

Not going to worry about epic flyers for any of them until 80, just cause I don't wanna farm up that much gold. :P

Working on my littlest druid Furrealz too, I want to see what his kitty shape looks like. He is 19 right now, so I may get him the last level before bed tonight. Heirloom shoulders+ heirloom chest= CRAZY xp. ^_^

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