Saturday, October 10, 2009

Taurros goes to Violet Hold

I dinged him to 74 last time I played him, so when a guild mate asked for a tank for Azjol-Nerub I volunteered. I would have had to respec him since he is kitty at the moment, but I didn't really care. Turned out he got to dps as my guildie found a tank, but we couldn't find a healer til my sister logged on her level 71 priest, Caderlly. He was a little low for AN so we did Nexus instead, which was good 'cause Taurros still hadn't done all the quests for it.

We did so good in there that we went ahead and did AN after, and had no problems. We were on a roll, and everyone wanted to do one more. But what instance? We decided on Violet Hold.

T was almost 75 by then so I ran through a few quests while we were getting Caderlly to Dalaran (no Cold Weather Flying for him yet). Then I took him and got the VH quest and in we went.

We had no problems, aside from a little scare on the last boss. Cad died and I was a little slow with the battle res cause I wasn't paying attention, so our tank went down. I popped a res on Cad and went bear, and tanked the boss for the last little bit. /flex

So now we have a level 71 toon with the Violet Hold achievement. If my sister doesn't brag about this, I think I will.

And the heirloom shoulders + chest is insane. T was getting 5-6k xp for most mobs, around 8k for bosses, and almost 50k for each quest turn in (51k for the VH quest O.O).

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  1. I would love to brag on my lil priest. Also, I had forgotten how much fun priest healing can be :D
    (so many buttons compared to pally tho, ugh)