Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shaurria: Moonglade

Background: There's a storyline going on in Feathermoon involving something or other trying to kill off the members of a guild (I don't know the whole story, sorry!). A couple nights ago, there was a scare in Stormwind, and a few of Shaur's friends decided to get another friend out of town, since she is about 4 weeks away from having twins. Shaur went with them to help guard her friend, and we wound up in Moonglade. Shaurria decided to go visit her old mentor while she was there.


Shaurria sat in the grass, watching the Cat Spirit pace around his clearing. The Moonglade was peaceful, like always, the silence broken only by birdsong and the young druid's voice.

"Arvoss keeps askin' me about my parents and stuff," she was saying. "He bugs me about it 'most every day now. I don't want to talk about it. Why can't he just let it be?"

The huge Cat didn't answer, didn't even look at her. The closeness they had once had seemed to be gone; now she was just another intruder in his realm. She sighed to herself, sadly.

"He says he just wants to help," she went on, talking to herself now as much as to the Spirit. "Only, how can he help with that? It's all in my head. I don't understand."

She was startled when a deep voice sounded in her head. Maybe that's why you should let him help. He can help you to understand. Shaur sat up and stared at the Cat Spirit, who was now standing across the clearing from her, looking at her with compassion. "But how?" she blurted.

He is old, little one. He has seen much, and been through even more. Don't discount him so quickly.
Shaur considered that for a moment. "So you think I should talk with him?" she asked finally.

I think you should do what your heart wants, little one. You have suffered with this too long already. Perhaps Arvoss is the key to your cure.

She sat still as she listened, except for her fingers digging through the grass. "But it hurts," she whispered. "It hurts just to think about them. What if I can't speak about it?"

The Cat padded over to her. I cannot help you with this, little one, he said as he nuzzled her, his ghostly form comfortingly solid as his nose pressed against her cheek. You must figure it out on your own. But remember, your friends only want to help. Shaurria said nothing as she wrapped her arms around his huge head, hugging him tightly for several long minutes.

At last the Cat Spirit raised his head. Shaurria clung long enough for him to lift her to her feet, then let go reluctantly. The ones you came here with are wondering where you are. You should go back to them, little one. You know where to find me again. Shaurria nodded once before she turned cat and loped back along the road toward Nighthaven.

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