Friday, October 16, 2009

Stepping away from WoW for a sec...

I mentioned before that I am staying at my parent's house to house-sit while they vacation. My cat Buster is over here with me, but my 8 turtles are naturally still at my house, and I've been going over every day to feed/clean them. That's what I did this morning. Got to the house, took care of my box turtle and 3 small musk turtles inside, then went outside where the other 4 are. I keep them in a 50-gallon Rubbermaid tub, and had the cover on the tub because it's been raining the last few days. I took off the cover and saw... One turtle.

The cover was on, like I said. The water level was right where it had been yesterday. They could not have gotten out by themselves in any way. So that means that someone came onto our property and stole my turtles. Why, I have no idea. I don't know if they took them to keep them, or decided to set them free. If they plan on keeping them, well, these are NOT small turtles. My river turtle, Tres, has a shell of about 11 inches, and the others are probably around 6-8 inches. I have no idea if these people even know how to care for turtles that size, let alone have the space and commitment for them. Not to mention that I've had these turtles for years. They were my babies, my kids. I've raised them from hatchlings, for crying out loud. And now they're gone.

The one that's left, Spooky, is one that I got last summer from a friend of my dad. I'm not as attached to him as I was with the other 3, and he's, well, spooky. He's not very friendly at all. I can easily see how he could have been overlooked, especially if it was dark when they were taken.

Right now I'm kind of still numb. The "wanting to hit something" stage is starting, however. I find it hard to believe, even with the way society is today, that someone would go into another person's property and steal turtles, of all things. If it was a bicycle, or a lawn mower, or something like that I could see it, but why take living things, especially ones that are difficult to care for? I really hate people right now.

Spooky is inside the house now. I got a smaller Rubbermaid just for him, so he's settled in and is safe. But I miss my guys already, especially my baby girl.

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