Monday, October 12, 2009

Quae and Barraccus: Honor Hold

Barraccus arrived at Honor Hold earlier than usual. Quae's first hint was when the lieutenant she was speaking to suddenly started to grin knowingly. She turned to see a very familiar bronze dragon waiting patiently behind her, and its equally familiar rider watching her with a little smile. She barely heard the lieutenant's "Dismissed, priestess. Go enjoy yourself," as she went over.

Krallormu nodded to her as he rumbled, "Good evening, Quae." She absently patted his scaly head as she walked up to Barraccus, who had hopped off the drake at her approach. "Heya," he said, grinning. She grinned back before stepping into his arms, hugging him back as hard as he hugged her. "All set here?" he asked into her ear, and she nodded. Stepping back reluctantly, she headed to the stable master to get Thoribas, and they were off soon after.

They returned to Honor Hold soon after night fell, though it was always hard to tell when that was here in Hellfire Peninsula. Quae slept fitfully that night, finally giving up after the fifth time she found herself awake. She propped herself up a bit on the pillow and watched Barraccus sleep next to her. He looked peaceful, and she wished, not for the first time, that he could look that relaxed while he was awake.

She gently placed her hand against his chest, feeling his heart beat under her fingers. His skin was surprisingly warm. Everything about him was so unlike any of the few undead- death knights or Forsaken- that she had known. She hoped desperately that her hunches were right. After her talk with Arien the day before, she felt more encouraged. The paladin hadn't discounted her idea at all, in fact she seemed to think it might be possible. Quae vowed to do more research the next time she was in Stormwind. Barraccus never asked why she spent so much time in the library, but then, he was usually busy keeping an eye out for any threats from the Temple until they left.

She began slowly tracing the scars on his chest with her fingers, careful not to wake him. All the while she thought to herself, he did deserve to know. Alanon was right; she shouldn't keep this secret, especially when she might need his cooperation soon. She focused on the scars, studying them. When he had told all of them about his captivity, back when he had rescued Rhokk, he hadn't mentioned how he had gotten these ones. Later, though, she had asked him about them, and he had told her what he remembered. He told her everything; it was only fair that she was honest with him.

She was startled when Barraccus' hand suddenly came up and covered her own. She looked up as he opened his eyes and smiled at her. "Tickles," he whispered, and she smiled back. "Sorry, love. Didn't mean to wake you," she whispered in reply, then leaned over and kissed him. After she pulled back, she studied him for a minute, until his eyebrow quirked questioningly. "I need to tell you something tomorrow," she finally said, and the other eyebrow came up. She smiled reassuringly. "It's not important," -she winced inwardly at the lie- "but don't let me forget, okay?" He looked at her curiously, but nodded. Satisfied, she snuggled back into his arms and willed herself to sleep once again.

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