Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shaurria and Arvoss: Leisure Time

So what do you do when there's nothing to do? Arvoss and Shaurria just hanging around.

Also, I blame boredom at work for any following silliness.

Windstar walked into the Pig and stopped in surprise. Arvoss was sitting against the wall, with Shaurria curled up next to him. The death knight waved Star over. "C'mere, lass. S'fair amusin'." She padded over and looked down at the younger druid, who seemed to be fast asleep. "Watch," Arvoss told her, then began rubbing Shaur's ears. She immediately started purring. Arvoss chuckled quietly and stopped rubbing. The purr also stopped. He looked up at Star, grinning.

Intrigued, Windstar shifted out of cat, then reached over and started rubbing, with the same result. Rub ears, purr. She peered at Shaur, then looked to Arvoss. "Is she really asleep?" she asked him. "She is, or she's a fair 'and at pretendin'," he answered. Windstar chuckled, then changed back to cat and settled on his other side. Arvoss began absently stroking Shaurria, and the comfortable silence between them was filled with the young druid's rumble.

The peace was finally broken by other people arriving at the Pig, and Shaur soon woke up and went out to do her usual greeting. But Arvoss and Windstar kept glancing at each other through the evening and chuckling.

* * * * * *

The squirrel didn't have a chance. Arvoss had given up on trying to keep Shaurria from chasing them, so now he just leaned back against his tree and watched, as Shaur slowly crept closer. The squirrel finally got far enough away from its tree, and she pounced. With a muffled squeak, the squirrel disappeared beneath 200 pounds of cat. Shaurria lay still for a moment, then sat up, the squirrel pinned beneath one paw and staring out with enormous eyes. She considered it for a few minutes, then bent down and began licking it.

Arvoss chuckled as he watched Shaur try to groom the critter. "Lass," he finally said. "Ah dinnae think 'e kens whetha ye're tryin' ta eat 'im 'r motha 'im. Ye may want ta let 'im go 'fore 'e 'as an 'eart attack 'r sommat." She stopped licking to stare at him, and the squirrel made a valiant struggle for freedom, finally slipping away and making a mad dash for its tree. Reaching safety, it stopped to chatter down angrily at the druid-cat, who gave it a disgruntled look before she sauntered over to Arvoss. Flopping down at his side, she began rubbing her head on his hip, until he gave in and started scratching. "Ye're a funny one, kitten," he told her. She just purred at him before laying her head down and closing her eyes.


I've started drawing stuff again! Used to draw quite a bit, but haven't done anything for ages. I did 2 quick sketches of Shaurria, at work on a notepad. Gonna see if I can scan/upload them somehow and stick them on here, maybe try to get rid of the lines (notepads fail), then we'll see! I'm pretty pleased with them both. Considering how long it's been I thought I'd be pretty out of practice, but they were fairly easy to do.

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