Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Catching up

Story-writing seems to be stalled out right now, so just a run-down of what my guys have been up to.

Barraccus and Quae are still chilling in Hellfire Peninsula, but they should be moving on to Zangarmarsh soon. I'll probly do the same thing I did with Pitch, i.e. go from HFP to Zangar to Nagrand to Northrend. It covers my 2 favorite zones (Nagrand and the Marsh) and leaves plenty of stuff to go back and do later. Also, they are having many Serious Discussions about Quae's idea, I'll try to write out something soon and end the mystery.

Alanon did have a chat with Arien, which she initiated, to his surprise. Seems that Quae was right after all. Guess this makes them "official." They haven't had much spare time to see each other after that, but they do get some cuddling time now and then. Alanon has invited her over to see the house in Ashenvale, we'll see how that goes.

Pitch has gotten lazy. He's still level 70, and still in Borean Tundra. He's been thinking of checking out Howling Fjord tho, so maybe he'll start leveling again. I still want to get him and Quae both to 80 before Cataclysm hits. Yes, I know it's a long ways off but, well, I do tend to procrastinate a lot.

Taurros is still 75, haven't done much with him since the VH run, tho he did get Ahn'Kahet done the following day. He may be racing Pitch to get to be my next 80 toon.

Boogga has been quiet lately. I haven't done much of anything with him since I started leveling Barraccus from 75 to 80. Mostly right now I'm looking for a non-exotic cunning pet for him, so he can have a Marksman mana-battery. The windserpent he had just wasn't clicking with him, so Zephthyr has been released and Boo got an owl from Sethekk Halls (one of the olive-brownish ones). Sigmund still needs leveled up, but I'm hoping that he and Boogga suit each other. Owls have some of the best PetEmotes imo, so that will definitely help.

Kaledain and Khaotic are staying home most of the time. Khaotic's pregnancy is about 7 months along now so it's getting hard for her to do much of anything. Although they do have a couple Ravasaur hatchlings they are raising. And Kaled is getting fairly good at backrubs. He's spoiling her.

Arvoss wore himself out in Outland when they first got out there, so he's given up trying to keep up with Tadrith and is taking his own pace through there. He was able to go to Stormwind for last night's RP, which was probably a good thing for Shaurria despite almost losing his temper (not with her, more on that shortly). Before he returned to Honor Hold he went shopping for casual clothes, so he doesn't look so Big Armored Death Knight-ish. The folks at the Pig may not recognize him next week. >.>

And lastly, Shaurria. I've been on her mostly all this week, so she has a ton of stuff going on. She's been spending a lot of time with her paladin friend Aelflaed, and through Aely she's also made friends with a warrior named Feliche. They have somehow become 2 of her best friends, right alongside Arvoss and Windstar. In fact, she's spent a good bit of time just sitting and talking with them, out of her cat form. She and Star will be going on a flower-picking trip with Aely sometime this week, which the 3 of us are co-writing a ficlet about. I'll be posting it here soon as it's done, so long as Aely's player doesn't mind.

Last night's RP at the Pig was... rather annoying, really. Everything was going fine, until a few low-levels showed up and started griefing us with the usual rude chat, naked table-dancing, and so forth. It culminated for Shaurria when someone showed up in a furbolg disguise. Shaurria doesn't like furbolgs.

Then the furbolg proceeded to place a bomb on the table. Shaurria really doesn't like bombs. She wound up stealthing and hiding in a corner until the bomb went away, then begged Arvoss to go with her outside, which he did. (This is what made him mad. The fact that she got so upset she had to get away from everything, even if it was just for a little while.) They weren't out there long before the rest of the regulars came out, and we decided to go to the Blue Recluse in the Mage district instead. Shaurria was a bundle of nerves for awhile, but she got over it.

Shaur has been rather demanding lately. I had most of the next Quae & Barraccus story worked out in my head, but I can't focus long enough to write it out because I keep thinking about my little druid. I think I'm finally figuring out her personality, what makes her "tick" and stuff. See, she's never talked to anyone about her parents or what happened to her, because it bothers her so much that she tries to avoid it totally. But I wasn't sure why it bothered her until recently. So, if she can get up her nerve I think she may be ready to talk to someone soon.

There's a lot more I'd like to say about Shaur, but that needs a post of its own. For now I'm gonna wrap this one up. Til next time- Happy Hunting!


  1. If someone came and STOLE my horse or one of my cats I'd go out of my mind. I feel for you because animals can really touch us and some amy not like to ehar this, but in some cases mean as much to us as another human being. I really feel for your loss and I'm terribly sorry to hear about it.

  2. Aww shite! Wrong entry...ANYHOW. >.>