Friday, October 30, 2009

Having Mixed Feelings About Raiding

I logged on Gilneas tonight for Onyxia after one of my buddies asked me to come heal. Hadn't been on Alanon for ages, and, well, I kinda miss my guildies over there. We didn't actually get her down, the dps kept dying and then her adds would get to be too much. Finally called it after a bit and went to Ulduar.

I was kinda happy about that, because I got to bring Barraccus, who I really want to raid on but haven't been able to yet. But I was also kind of peeved, because in order to bring him, I pretty much had to throw a fit to my guild, which I didn't want to do and hated it.

I've worked on him for a while, mostly for dps 'cause I'm having trouble scrounging up a tanking set for him. Been getting dps gear with the badges he's earned, so I don't humiliate myself or drag the guild down 'cause he's undergeared. After tanking some BC instances with Arvoss I'd really like to try tanking in raids and stuff, just to see how well I can do it. But you know what? Lately I've been feeling like he's stuck, that I'll never get to do anything with him because my guild always wants a healer. Sometimes feels like Alanon is my only toon on that server, because he's the only one that does anything. I like raiding, not just for loot but because I feel like I'm accomplishing something with my guild, but doing nothing but healing was starting to burn me out. Hence why I've been "hiding out" on Feathermoon lately.

And when I mentioned that I was trying to get him geared for tanking? My GM asked me if I had gotten all the tank badge gear. Had to hold my tongue on that one. :P

Now that Barraccus' dps gear is decent, I will be getting tanking gear, but he can also pick up pieces in raids. And frankly, farming heroics for badges gets dull after awhile.

Before anyone says anything, my guild is fairly small, but everyone has several level 80 alts. When people are farming heroics we often switch toons around to fill up a group, or if all else fails pick up a PUG or two. Not saying I want us to bring in outside people for our raids, but if we can shuffle toons around for heroics, why not for raids too? What I'm trying to say is, we don't need Alanon to come heal every single raid.

They'll be going back again tomorrow night, but I haven't decided yet if I'll go. This has just been building up for awhile, and I've been losing interest in raiding because of it. Alt-leveling is so much more relaxing right now, and I'm loving the RP on Feathermoon too. Guess I'll sleep on it tonight and decide tomorrow.

Now, Arvoss just hit 68 and I'm taking him to Northrend. This will be kinda OOC, cause he needs to tell Shaurria that he's going and all that, but I need to relax before bed. See ya! /signoff

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