Thursday, October 22, 2009

In Which I Let Arvoss Rant

A'right, first off Ah wan' t' make one thing clear. Ah didnae ask fer this, ye ken? Ah was an 'oly paladin o' th' Laigh', who made mistakes. Bad ones, some o' them, an' naow Ah'm payin' fer 'em. Paladins jes' dinnae become death knights. Ah lost th' Laigh' some'ow along th' way, an' paid fer it wi' mah life. Ah should've stayed dead, ye ken? But th' filthy Enemy in th' North didnae leave me be. 'E took me an' raised me, an' turned me inta this... this thing. Ah've done 'orrible things, sommat which Ah'll neveh f'give mahself fer. But, in th' end, Ah was given anothah chance. A chance t' redeem mahself, t' make things right, an' Ah mean t' make it count. Takin' care o' Shaur? Tha's jes' th' start.

Naow, if ye wan' t' flaunt th' fact tha' ye're a death knight, it's yer business. But dinnae be givin' th' innocent folks around ye a fright wi' yer talk o' death an' corpses an' such. An' anothah thing, ferget yer Laird an' King nonsense. Ye dinnae own th' world, laddie. Soon'r late yer goin' t' wind up in otha folks territ'ry, an' when ye do, ye go by their rules.

See, lad, this's th' difference between ye an' Ah. Ah ken damn well tha' Ah'm naeone special. Bein' a death knight doesnae put me above annehone else. Ah can admit tha' but ye cannae. Yer nothin' but a- ...wha' did they call ye? A poofter. Sae why dinnae ye take yer airs an' yer 'igh'n mighty attitude off t' some otha corner o' th' world? Better yet, take yerself back t' yer mastah in Icecrown. An' while yer there? Tell 'im tha' we're comin' fer 'im soon.


This Disgruntled Northman Rant brought to you by the death knight that has been hanging out at the Pig the last several nights. Don't know if he's deliberately trying to make trouble, but he's scared Shaurria silly, tried to pick a fight with Feliche, and seems to have a thing with young female draenei. His RSP says he is a "living death knight", which seems to mean that he joined the Scourge willingly. Arvoss hates him, obviously.

... And I'll admit that I did this partly because I love messing with his accent, hehe.

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