Monday, September 28, 2009

Personality issues

Pike did a post today that made me really think about my toons, personality-wise at least. See, I have several toons that I really want to play, and I've had them a long time, but I find that I can't focus on them for long. Every time I log on one of them, I wind up doing a quest or two, then just standing around doing nothing until I give up and log onto someone else. This bugs me enough that I've been picking my brain trying to figure out why, and I think I've figured it out somewhat. It's their personalities (or lack of it, in some cases).

Let's look at a few of them-

Zuuluu, my troll rogue, who was my second level 60 character back in the "old days", and my third 70. But now, I don't know if I'll ever get him to 80. He has his epic flying and I bought him the heirloom book, so with his profs (mining & enchanting) he could conceivably become just a farm toon.

But why can't I level him? I think it's because for the longest time, he had no personality. He was, frankly, boring. Compare him to a hunter or druid, and you can probably guess which I preferred. So, to try and make him more interesting, I tried thinking up a bit of personality and a backstory for him. Only problem is, it didn't help much. He does have a personality now, but it's a very mercenary one. He has very little honor or morals, and really only cares whether he's getting paid or not. He is very much a loner, and never quite trusts anyone else enough to hang around them for long. The biggest problem with this is that I would rather be with someone else while I play him. Rogues are squishy, and it would also help the tedium of "sneak up on something, stabbity-stab til dead, stealth and repeat" that playing him usually entails. I'm thinking of seeing if he can make friends with one of my sister's toons or something, just so he'll have a leveling buddy. And hey, maybe it will be good for him.

Drenka, my orc hunter. He is currently sitting at level 20 and just tamed Ressan the Needler, so he has a pretty bat to go with his scorpid and raptor. However, I have no inclination to play him at all. Part of it is me having so many hunters. If I'm going to level one, I'd rather be on Kaledain & Khaotic, or Caelàn, or even Toorambar. I've tried to think up a personality for him, but so far I'm coming up blank. So, he's on a back burner for now. I may even end up deleting him at some point. :(

Heylookimded, my undead warlock. He does have a personality, and it's actually kind of fun. He was always kind of off his rocker, and turning undead just unhinged him more. So when I do play him, it's pretty entertaining. I just get bored too quickly. If he does turn out to be a drag to play, I'm thinking maybe a faction/realm change may be in order. My Alli guild on Gilneas could always use another lock....

Taurron, my tauren warrior. I love him, I really do. I want to get him to 80 and start some tanky fun. But his problem is that he is on my second account, and the highest level toon there to boot. So he has no heirloom stuff to help him out, and has to wait til 77 to start flying. Heck, I haven't even bought his flying skill yet since he can't use it (tho with the recently-dropped price I'll probably be getting it soon). I do have an advantage in that Boogga can help out with all the group quests. I even tried a bit of duoing with Taurros, though that was a bit more difficult than I wanted to mess with (much easier with 2 ranged classes like hunters). He doesn't have much of a personality, he's kinda your typical tauren. I figured when I first created him that he would be Taurros' brother, so their personalities are pretty similar. He does revere the Earthmother but he's not what you would call religious in any way, he just tries to do the "right thing". So anyways, I think that he will get leveled eventually, it'll just take a lot longer than I'd like it to.

Anyways, those are my thoughts. If they seem a little disjointed or rambly, I blame my cold. If anyone has any tips/advice/opinions, feel free to leave a comment. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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