Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Week With New Computer (And A Few Thoughts)

And I'm loving it! The graphics are amazing, lag is almost gone, and what lag I do have I now know is from the internet or the game, and not caused by my computer. Still waiting for the connector thingy so I can run both monitors, and then I'll be cruising.

Pitchblàck is up to level 65, almost 66, and is still in Zangarmarsh. He's about finished there and will be hitting Nagrand soon to get his last few levels. One thing that I think has really sped up his leveling is the ability to fly as soon as he hit 60, it makes it so much easier to get from one spot to the next. And he'll have his cold weather flying book waiting for him at 68, so Northrend shouldn't take long either.

Quae is also getting up there, she's 52 now. I'm debating doing quests up to 58, or just running her through dungeons. She got from 48 to 52 just from Sunken Temple (LOVING the heirloom shoulders) and I'm thinking of taking her thru Blackrock Depths next. After that, who knows? I haven't run any of the vanilla dungeons in ages, and it could be fun taking her thru all of them. I'm also starting to feel in a hurry to get her into Outland, I've even got a story all ready to go when she does. I think I'd like to have all my Alliance up to 80 before the next expansion hits (sorry Taurros!).

The main reason that I'm thinking of leveling her thru dungeons, is that I transferred Barraccus to my second account, so I've been using him to take her thru. He's also been helping Pitch with a few group quests, and will probly run him thru Coilfang Reservoir as well. He's finally got the money for his dual-spec, though I haven't bought it yet because I'm still putting together his tank set. I'm still running heroics like crazy whenever I can, but his emblems are going toward dps gear. Once I'm happy with that set, I'll start getting emblem tank gear.

Alanon is still coming along as well. I'm really liking feral at 80, but I'll probly switch him back to boomkin when Pitch reaches 80 himself; I don't really need 2 level 80 feral druids (although it could be fun...). My guild is running Ulduar weekly, so he's getting emblems and gear even though most of my non-raiding work has been with Barraccus. I'm thinking of picking up some feral gear with the badges, since he's been pretty lucky on loot drops.

I've been completely neglecting Kaledain & Khaotic since my laptop broke down, which I hate, but I really want to get them transferred soon, and I'm still trying to decide on a new "home" for them. I started thinking Feathermoon, but my sister & I started new alts on Wyrmrest Accord, and while I haven't done much there yet, she has and told me that so far she likes it. So they might wind up going there. I'm still open to suggestions, though.

Shaurria is coming along nicely, both leveling- and RP-wise. Last Tuesday night's RP was awesome, and inspired me to start working on the follow-up to her first story. It's coming slowly but I'll try to have it finished soon. She's been much happier at the Pig because Arvoss has come on the last few nights. I figured it's past time to get his own RP going, so he'll be trying to make as many nights as he can. I do want to get him to Outland soon, but I'm thinking of holding off til my sister gets her hunter Tadrith up, then they can go together.

My poor Horde toons have all been ignored, more or less, for weeks. I intended to get Taurros the druid to 80 after Barraccus, and he does have more of a head start than Pitch (Taurros is 73), but every time I log on Durotan, I get bored or frustrated after a few minutes and end up back on Alliance. I said before, I love my guild, but I'm just not happy with the server anymore. I've thought about transferring the ones that I want to play to another server, but I'm not sure where. Maybe a faction change would help...

Basically I'm making a list, and it's going something like this- I'm keeping Boogga, Taurros, Taurron, Rajast, and Zuuluu. Drenka, Toorambar, and Furrealz are all still low enough that I wouldn't feel too bad about simply remaking them on another server. Kaled and Khaotic are already going to be transferred, so I'm not worried about them. As for Heylookimded...

I just have a real problem with leveling clothies. I'm kind of an in-your-face player, hence all the druids and deathknights. Heck, that's probably why I love tanking so much. Hunters are different, but having a pet is enough to make them a favorite class. I've tried leveling mages, priests, and warlocks before, and the highest I've gotten was a lvl 37 mage (deleted ages ago) and Ded, who is around 35. I honestly think the only reasons I've been able to stick with Quae are- my guild is just awesome, and she has a great, detailed RP thing going on. (And maybe because shadowpriests are overpowered. >.>) So getting back to Ded... he may wind up getting deleted also.

(Little bit off-topic, but I also have major problems leveling paladins. I've tried multiple times, and the highest I've gotten is 21 before deleting them.)

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Sorry about the long rambly post, but it's been bugging me for awhile. If you have any thoughts/suggestions, feel free to leave a comment! ^_^

Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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