Monday, November 2, 2009

Shaurria: Day of the Dead

Just another day in the life of my little druid. Setting up some RP soon though, that will make her Sadkitty for a few days. :(

You've been warned.

Shaurria had no idea what to make of this.... "holiday." Why were all these people hanging around in graveyards? When she noticed a few of them were actually talking to spirits, she decided that was enough, and took off for the wilds.

Prowling around the Swamp of Sorrows til dusk, sniffing out herbs to sell, probably wasn't the best way to spend the day, but it kept her away from the "crazies" around the cities. And it kept her mind semi-occupied as well, so she didn't start thinking about what they were doing. Spirits of the dead were sacred to her, and though she knew that the living people she had seen were honoring the dead in some way, it still didn't seem right to her to disturb them. They should be left alone.

Finally growing tired of the swamp muck and the smells of mud and various flowers, she decided to track down Windstar. On a whim, she decided to go to Darkshire, on the other side of Deadwind Pass. She could take a gryphon from there to wherever she thought 'Star would be.

Shaur had a run of luck on her way through. She hadn't gone far into the Pass when her sensitive cat-nose picked up Windstar's recent trail. Chuckling to herself, she followed it down the road south.

She made it past giant, fierce birds and smelly ogres with no trouble. The old village at the foot of the tower of Karazhan was another matter. The ghosts that spotted her and gave chase looked like more than she could handle, so she sprinted through as fast as she could. She let out a yowl as she neared the back of the tower, and was relieved when she saw Star come running toward her. The older druid quickly made short work of the ghosts, and Shaur was more than happy to show how grateful she was by purring and rubbing against Star as thoroughly as she could. She followed Star back behind the tower.

She was surprised and pleased to find people she knew there. Aely was there dressed like a farmer, complete with shovel. Her druid friend Aleros was also there, and played with her for a bit with his fishing pole. She managed to pull free the fish he had on the line, and he was nice enough to cook it for her. While she shared the fish with Windstar, Aleros told a story to the few people that gathered around his cookfire. Shaurria knew it was supposed to be a scary story, but she wasn't frightened at all.

The evening passed uneventfully, except for another ghost or two that tried to rush Shaurria and were quickly stopped by Windstar. Then a newcomer showed up. She introduced herself as an author that apparently several people there knew. Shaur did her usual purr-greeting, then left her when she didn't show much interest in petting. The young druid headed over to the Bittertongue couple, where she began fussing over their baby. The newcomer followed and started a rather heated conversation with Bricu, however, and since most people had left already, Star suggested to Shaur that they leave as well. The two druids returned to Stormwind.

Once there, Shaurria and Windstar headed to the Pig & Whistle. Inside was one of the people from the Deadwind Pass party. Shaur only knew her dimly though, and settled for going over for a purr and a scratch. There was a newcomer at the bar, dressed similarly to one of the city guards. Shaur went over and politely sat and purred, then waited to see if he was friendly or not. He was, and even went so far as to buy her a bowl of milk. She set to lapping happily.

She had just finished it when she was startled by Arvoss, who snuck up on her and gently tweaked her ear. The stranger was promptly forgotten, and she greeted the death knight enthusiastically. Once Arvoss had gotten a drink from Elly and sat down, however, she was reminded of her manners and went back to apologize, with a purr and a headrub. Hard feelings soothed, she returned to Arvoss, and settled between his chair and Windstar's. Of course, they both were soon petting her as they chatted about small stuff they had been doing in Northrend.

Finally Arvoss looked down at her. "Ah'm thinkin' o' takin' kitten t' Felwood, tomorra," he said as he scratched Shaur's ears. She looked up at him curiously. "S'a forest," he explained. "Been corrupted by sommat. S'druids there." She purred and set her head back down on the table, satisfied.

After a bit longer, Arvoss stood up and stretched. "Tahm fer bed, Ah think," he announced. Windstar agreed. Shaurria followed them both to the Gilded Rose, then followed Arvoss up to his usual room. Curling up in her favorite corner, she soon fell asleep.


P.S. Arvoss and Windstar are level 70 now!!! /boggle And Arvoss tanked a Nexus run. I've decided I love DK tanking. I think he needs more tanky stats though. Anyone got any advice for a leveling tank? Like, what kind of defense rating I should try to keep, just for level 70-76-ish dungeons? And any other stats I should look for (besides stamina, that's a given I think).

Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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