Monday, November 23, 2009

Pilgrim's Bounty Boredom

An unexpected bonus of having a couple of my Hordies on Feathermoon- some cross-faction RP! This was just for amusement, as Khaotic scouted out the Horde tables for Shaur and Tadrith. Enjoy!

The festival tables just outside Silvermoon City were empty. Occasionally someone would run up for a quick bite, but soon they were off again. The only constant visitors were the guards, and the lone blood elf standing there, her big black lion beside her.

Alti looked up at Khaotic and blinked slowly. She absently patted his neck. "We're just waiting to see if that kitty shows up again," she told him. He seemed to accept her explanation, as he just sat down and began grooming his tail. Khaotic peered around the tables, then sighed to herself and sat at a table to wait.

She must have dozed off, because she was startled when a shy "Mrow" came from behind her. She quickly got up and turned to see. It was the same druid-cat she had seen at Orgrimmar, and then at Undercity. "Oh, you did come! I was starting to wonder," she said, and the cat grinned at her (as much as a cat could grin) and started toward her. A shout stopped her though, and she looked wide-eyed at the guard running toward her before spinning and dashing off. Khaotic glared at the guard as he gave chase, but it was a wasted effort. She headed over to where Jess was tethered and pulled herself into the saddle, then nudged the raptor into a walk and followed.

She passed the guard as he headed back to the tables, but he ignored her withering stare. She went on, and found a cheetah standing near the Dead Scar, panting as it looked around. Khaotic pulled Jess to a halt and peered at the cat, who blinked at her. Abruptly the cheetah was gone, and in it's place was the smoky blue-gray druid-cat from before. "Okay, it is you," Khaotic said as she swung down carefully from her mount and came closer. She stopped before the cat and studied her for a bit. "You know," she said conversationally. "You're a little skinny."

The tall (and rather cute, she had to admit) Night elf hunter that seemed to be with the druid quirked an eyebrow questioningly at her. She wished, again, that they had some way to communicate besides hand gestures. Well, she thought, I bet I can talk to this little thing just fine. She knelt down in front of the cat and began petting her. The druid immediately began purring, soft at first but quickly growing louder as Khaotic's fingers worked their way around to her ears and began scratching. She lay down in front of the hunter, to make it easier to reach, and Khaotic grinned to herself. This was too easy.

Alti suddenly snarled, nudging her leg with his nose. Khaotic freed one hand to pat him soothingly. "Go lay down, Alti," she told the jealous lion. He grumbled, but obeyed. She turned back to the young druid. "I bet Kaled would love to meet you," she said as she sat, pulling the cat's head into her lap as much as her bulging stomach would allow and continuing the ear scratches. The druid's purr suddenly grew much louder, and she pressed into Khaotic's hands, twitching one back leg a little. "Aha!" Khaotic exclaimed. "Found a good spot." She kept scratching at the spot, speaking nonsense to her softly. After a bit, she switched to Thalassian. "Okay, Orcish is tiring." The cat didn't respond, except to press into the scratches again.

After a few minutes, the other Night elf stirred and said something to the druid. Khaotic wished she had taken the time to learn Darnassian as she listened. Their languages weren't that different, but there was enough difference to make it too garbled to understand. The cat looked up at him, then nodded her head. He said something else to her, and she looked faintly disappointed. Looked like the visit was over. She tickled the cat's ear again. "I think he wants to go." With a final pat, she stood up with some difficulty, one hand trying to support her back. She would be so glad when the baby came and she didn't have all the extra weight.

The druid looked up at her, one eyebrow cocked. She purred uncertainly. "Go on home," Khaotic told her. "I have a husband to get home to." She waved at the druid to emphasize the point, then as an afterthought she waved at the other hunter too. He bowed politely, then headed to his saber mount, his pet following.

The druid purred at her again, then stepped over and rubbed her head against Khaotic's leg. Then she trotted after the other Night elf, tail twitching happily. Khaotic watched them go, then looked down to Alti, who had returned to her side. "They were a nice bunch," she told him, and he blinked at her. "Probably never see them again, but it was nice." She patted the black lion, then turned and headed back to Jess. Time to go home to Kaled.

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