Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random stuffs and catching up

Arvoss is up to 72. He's been through Violet Hold, boo yea. Leveling is going slow, I'm missing the heirloom stuff. :P

Shaurria is still 52, gonna take her through Un'goro next but I didn't want to level her too much before we got the Felwood RP done. Hoping to have her in Outland in the next couple weeks.

Shaur's RP was -EPIC-. Big, BIG hugs and thanks to Aelflaed and Feliche (and Windstar of course!) for coming to Moonglade and fussing all over her. That is one big hurdle over with. Now maybe she can have a breakdown sometime in the next week or two and get that out of the way too. >.>

I screenshotted the chat boxes, so might have a story up sometime soon. Um, no promises tho, I'm having writer's block again.

Regular Tuesday night RP afterward was even more EPIC. We had a bunch of the Stormwind Guard come and try to arrest Tarquin, the Wildfire Riders' leader, only he wasn't there. It looked like they would arrest the whole bar at one point. Shaurria went off and hid like a good kitty, while Arvoss and the rest tried to keep their tempers in check. So much <3.

Kaledain and Khaotic are up to 17 ravasaur teeth! That means just 3 more days (if I remember to do the daily) then Transfers Incoming. I'm thinking about transferring my shammy Rajast at the same time, though I'll have to give him some serious thought because I haven't actively RP'ed on him yet. All I have is a general personality for him so far.

I'm putting off telling my Horde guild that I'm leaving, just cause I still love 'em. Just.... can't take the server much longer. I've given up on pugging instances; if I can't get a guild run, I just don't do it. This doesn't do much for leveling, but it's a good bit of gear I'm missing out on, and I want Taurros to be ready to start tanking heroics ASAP. My luck with pugs on Feathermoon hasn't been perfect, but it's been better than I've found on Durotan.

I've been skipping out on Gilneas for awhile now, and while I miss my toons, the break has been nice. I never payed attention to how stressful our raids were sometimes until I stopped going. Not saying they all were, some weekends we had a ton of fun, but the bad ones kinda stick with you longer.

Now for non-WoW stuff- At work on Sunday, I was cutting the plastic wrapping off some dog food when my box cutter got a little too close to my fingers. >.> In short, I almost severed the tip of my thumb. It was... messy. Healing up nicely, but it's being slow.

It occurred to me recently that I don't have any grown-up pictures of Buster, so..... here ya go!

He's FAAAAAT! :(

While we were at our parents' house-sitting, he liked to come out when everyone else went to bed, and go crazy running up and down the stairs. It's a little blurry, but I'm surprised he stayed still long enough to get this, so... yea.

Been tinkering on my other games now and then. I almost forgot how much I loved Lord of the Rings Online. My dwarf guardian (think tank class) is ridiculously fun, especially for taking on large groups. He did die a couple times while I played him, I'm out of practice. My other characters are fun too, but the guardian is <3.

I have a ton of characters on Runes of Magic too. Their recent expansion added elves, with 2 new classes, so I made 2 elves, one of each class. The druid is a little hard to play at the start, but I'm really liking the warden so far. Pet class ftw!

That's all I can think of for now, and it's late again. Goodnight!

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