Thursday, November 19, 2009


Anyone that's been reading my blog for awhile may (or may not :P) have noticed I've changed a couple things. My blogroll has been edited a few times, both to weed out blogs that seem to be dead, and to add a few others that I've found. I have a new profile picture (/waves at Shaurria-clone :D) and I've updated the "About Me" bit. I'm still planning a few more changes for the future, as soon as I figure out exactly what I want.

When I first started Spirit Bond, I was big on my hunters; this seems to have shoe-horned it into being a "hunter blog." This wasn't my intention, and I've been wondering if anyone has been like "Where did all the hunter posts go?" If you've been reading it for the hunter posts, I'm sorry to disappoint, but my main reason for creating the blog was to post RP stories, along with anything I just needed to get out of my head. I've been focusing on my druids a lot lately, and death knights before then, and obviously I write about what I'm playing at the time. Who knows? Maybe I'll get back to the hunters again someday.

I won't be changing the blog's name, or my header picture, even tho they are both hunter-centric (sp?). Kaledain was my original reason for starting this, and just because he's not in every post doesn't mean he's not a big part of the blog.

And just to clarify, I'm not ranting about anything here. I really don't even mind if Spirit Bond is still considered a "hunter blog." I just wanted to explain things in case anyone was wondering what was going on.

Elsewhere, I'm still wondering what to do with my toons. Playing on Feathermoon (and even Moon Guard on occasion) has spoiled me enough that when I log on Gilneas or Durotan, I feel like something's missing. I have no idea if I'd be able to convince my Gilneas friends to move over to FM, but if they did, I'd move my guys over in a heartbeat. On Horde-side, I've decided I am transferring 5 more of my toons eventually; Boogga, Taurros, Zuuluu, Taurron, and Rajast are all on the list. I may even go really crazy and try doing a faction switch with one or two of them, though I haven't put any real thought into that yet. And I might, might transfer Pitchblàck over, too. Yes, that means I'll have 3 druids and 3 hunters all on the same server, but I accepted my addiction a long time ago. ;)

The rest of my Durotan toons will stay there, so I can chat on occasion with the friends I've made, but I don't know how much playtime they'll get. I'm already not playing them much, because I've been trying to level my "main" ones. To be honest, I really do have way too many characters, so I just might weed them out a bit.

Umm, let's see, what else...?

Shaurria is coming along pretty well. I'm gonna try to write something soon about how she's dealing with things, now that she's not shutting stuff in so much. Arvoss actually provided some insight to how she's feeling right now: "She's lettin' 'erself feel naow, 'stead o' keepin' it all locked away. Sae righ' naow she really dinnae ken wha' t' do wi' 'erself." (I was thinking this through at work a couple days ago. Yes, I was that bored, and yes, I talk to my characters in my head. >.>) Right now she's just being clingy with everyone she knows. I'm kinda hoping no one needs a Therapy Cat(TM) anytime soon, she may not be up for it yet.

I'm leveling Kaled and Khaotic OOCly for now, since it'd be kinda hard for Khaotic to do much of anything. ICly, they are chilling at their home with occasional short, leisurely trips so she doesn't go loony from boredom. I took them by the Noxilite campfire last Monday night, but no one was there. /shrug. Baby-day is scheduled for around Christmas-time, give or take a day or two. Oh, and she just tamed a warp stalker. :D

His name is Vress'lve which means "claw" in Drow. Now if they have any tough elite quests, they have 2 tank pets for hopefully better chances.

Arvoss is 73 now, halfway to 74. I'm pushing him along as fast as I can with my ADDness so he can start running heroics and stuff, both for gear and so I can learn how to DKTank effectively. Although noone has complained yet when I've tanked an instance, so I'm guessing I'm doing it right?

I found out a few days ago that I have another week of vacation. O.o So I'll be taking that at the end of the year, right after Christmas, and I'm gonna use it to level as many of my toons as possible. I'm not holding my breath, but it'd be awesome if I could get Arvoss and Taurros to 80, and get Shaur up to at least 60 (though she might get there before vacation even starts /crosses fingers). Then I'll still have Taurron, Pitch, Quae and Khlar to get to 80, but hey, every little bit helps, right?

Can't think of anything more, and I'm nodding off already. >.< Gonna crash for a bit before RP stuffs start tonight. Happy Hunting!

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