Saturday, November 28, 2009

How do you get a level 60 through a level 70 dungeon?

Very carefully, of course. >.>

Aely and her hubby ran Shaurria and Tadrith thru Sethekk Halls so they could finish off their Pilgrim achievements and get their titles/turkeys. Shaur was only level 60, so all I really did was hide well back while they all cleared. (Tad died lolz.) Since I wasn't doing much of anything, I started up Fraps, and here's the result!

Yes, apparently I like funky music. Well, actually I couldn't find the song I wanted on my PC, so I improvised. >.>

Shaurria went from 58 to 60 in no time flat, and after Windstar runs her thru Ramparts, I'm hoping she'll hit 61. Then I can log off happily. (Edit: got to be too late, so she didn't get her Ramps run. We're gonna hit it tomorrow night, hopefully.)

She adores flying (and heck, so do I >.>). Kinda stinks that she won't be able to get Cold Weather Flying when she reaches Northrend. It's hard to believe now that she's almost there.

I wanted to throw in some funny RP chat, since I've started using WowScribe, but I can't find the chat. >.> So for now, goodnight!

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