Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I can't believe this...

I got up for work this morning early enough that I had some free time before I left, so I thought I would check my email. It wouldn't let me log into my email account. I even typed my address and password very carefully three times; it just wouldn't let me on. So yea, my email account was hacked, which led me to start thinking...

I tried logging on WoW soon as the thought hit me, and yep. Couldn't log in 'cause my password had been changed. I tried resetting my password on both the game and my email, just to screw with whoever did this, even though I couldn't do anything because I still couldn't get into my email. I started every scan I could on my computer, virus scan, spybot and malware, then had to run to get to work. Longest day ever.

When I finally got off work, I went to my parents' so my dad could help me out. I started a new email account, then called Blizzard. Had to wait on hold for over 30 minutes, but someone finally got to me, and the actual process of getting my account back didn't take long at all, thank goodness. Still have all my toons, at least, though they did hit me pretty hard.

Kudos to my sister, who skipped out on a couple extra hours of sleep to keep watch on things in-game and check the scans when they were finished.

Damage report- Feathermoon
They cleaned out the guild bank, since all my toons had full access. All items and money gone, which makes me feel bad, but we had nothing really special in there anyway. Shaurria was stripped, all her bags gone, and 6 silver left to her name. She still has her Pilgrim's robe and hat, so at least she can still finish the meta and get her pet turkey. Arvoss was taken out of the guild, which scared me to death cause I thought they were gonna transfer him off, or delete him (they didn't! whew). He is also stripped and bagless, though he has a bit more money than Shaur, around 73 silver. Also when I logged on him he had an auction in the mail, he had won a coarse thread. /scratch head. I believe they probably transferred my Alliance gold over to Horde, which seems to be confirmed because Kaledain was parked in Booty Bay. He and Khaotic had the same treatment, but at least they still have their pets. And thank goodness for hoarding RP clothes! Naked hunters are embarrassing. >.>

Narzabeki had her money taken, but oddly enough that was it. Guess what she had wasn't worth selling off.

My low levels seem to still have their gear, though the only one I checked was Drenka. Rajast still had his armor and most, if not all, of his engineering stuff, though the rest of it was gone, along with his weapon. Didn't check on Heylookimded, but he was still dressed so I'm guessing he's alright. My high-levels were all stripped except for the heirlooms and tier gear, since none of those are vendor-able. Taurron only has his tabard left. :(

Moon Guard, Silver Hand, and Wyrmrest Accord
My tauren death knight on WA wasn't touched, he still had his armor and gold. My account was set on that server though, so maybe I just interupted them before they could get to him. Andrano was also untouched. Gwynifar and Khlar were stripped and my guild disbanded. I'm actually ok with this, since I've been thinking of transferring Khlar to Wyrmrest anyway. They do need their darned money back though.

This was what actually worried me the most. Thankfully my toons there didn't have full access to the guild bank, though they did take out what they could. Also, Alanon was taken out of the guild. My sister was able to talk to our guildies, so at least they knew what was going on. Same deal with my lowbies as the other servers, they still had their gear but no money and bags missing. They seemed a bit sloppier on the lowbies though, a couple of them still had some of their bags. Pitch, Quae and Alanon were stripped of course, except for heirlooms and Alanon's tier stuff.

Barraccus on the other hand, still had all the gear he had equipped. He also had all his personal bags, though I haven't checked his bank yet. When I logged on him, he was out in Borean at the fire/water elemental place, his bags empty except for trash and an herb bag equipped. I think they were gonna use him for some farming, and can't really blame them- he is geared pretty well. What burns me is that I just got him a tanking set put together, and now it's all gone. I'm hoping Blizz can replace it all.

I think that's it. Once my account was straight I put a ticket in and got an answer back fairly quickly, but they're saying it'll be 3-4 days to get all my guys stuff back. With the holidays, I'm kind of expecting it to be even longer. Until everything is straight again, I'll probably just be RPing on Shaur mostly. Would love to be on Arvoss too, but he only has his tabard to wear, so that'd be kinda awkward. >.>

So here's hoping I get my stuff back soon. I could really care less about the gold, since I can always get more, but it's kinda hard to farm stuff with no armor or weapons. Til next time, Happy Hunting!


  1. When I get back, if you're still needing it, I'll get Arvoss some basics. It's not anything I'll miss (money wise) and then at least he can RP >.<

    So sorry this happened to you, hun!

  2. I'm hoping he'll get his gear back, along with the rest of my toons.

    I'm just boggled by the fact that it /happened/. I have no idea how they got the info to hack my account. I've always been very careful. It's got me stumped.