Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In which some alts get attention...

I mentioned in the OOC chat channel last night that I had a Horde alt on Feathermoon (a troll huntress named Narzabeki), and the ensuing brief discussion made me realize that I missed her. So today I continued giving Shaur a break and logged on Narza instead. Except I didn't get on her right away, because there was another alt I've been neglecting.

My baby druid on Durotan, Furrealz, has been sitting at level 19 for weeks. I keep meaning to finish up his level so he can have his kitty form and mount, but was always getting distracted. So with no such distractions today, I hopped on him first. He has the heirloom shoulders and chest, so it only took a few minutes until.... *drumroll*

He's a pretty kitty. I really like this look. Also, I love the Night elf druid cats, but the taurens look so much more... I don't know, muscly? Wild? Whatever it is, I love it.

He ran down to Bloodhoof Village in cat form, even though his cheetah is faster. (I just might have been admiring him. >.>) And, a couple minutes later he was all set.

I'll pick out a name for it sometime, right now I'm too tired to think of something.

So, mission accomplished and I hopped over to Narza. She's been sitting at level 16, but I stopped playing her for the longest time in favor of hanging out Alli-side. I decided I want to get her to 20 too, though, so she can get her raptor mount. She has no heirlooms, so I'll have to do this the old-fashioned way. It took a little longer than with Furrealz, but I did get her up 2 levels, and almost through a third. I'll pick it up again tomorrow or Friday and finish her off.

I love her pets, too. She has an orange tiger that she tamed at level 10, named Khumal, a river crocolisk from the Barrens/Durotar border named Dantu, and she recently tamed Echeyakee, renamed Sione. It's going to be a bit of a challenge to balance questing and grinding so she can keep all 3 up with her, but hopefully she can pull it off.

My computer or something is having issues with the game, it keeps randomly freezing up at various loading screens. I have to ctrl-alt-delete it out and restart WoW every time. It only happens on Horde-side, especially when I'm on Kaledain and Khaotic, and Narza too it seems. It wouldn't be too bad, except every time it happened to Narza, when I got back in the game her UI would have reset and I'd have to fix it again. It also wiped her RSP (which it doesn't do with Kaled & Khaotic), so she doesn't have one up at the moment. It's annoying. :P

And final note, Kaled and Khaotic have been doing their dailies faithfully so far. Two more days should see them with shiny new mounts (with a lot less fluff, thank goodness) and they will be ready for transfers. My sis will be moving her druid Bearkat at the same time, so they'll have one of their old friends with them, hurray. The Ravasaur hatchlings, if you didn't know, grow with the number of teeth you have, so their "hatchlings" look almost like full-grown raptors now! :D

They're really cute. I'm getting kinda excited about finally being done with it.

Another side project I've been working on has been going around Azeroth taking screenshots of everything I can find. When Cataclysm hits, most of old-world Azeroth is going to be drastically different, so I'm collecting pictures of how it looked before. Then after Cataclysm is old news, I'll have the pics of how it used to be. Maybe I'm just cheesy. >.>

I'll probably post some of the better looking ones eventually, maybe do a whole blog post just for them. We'll see how it goes.

That's all I can think of for now. Til next time Happy Hunting!

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