Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shaurria: After Felwood

I'm posting this mostly for Crison (Frazle/Fastrada/Sydana/Takani here on Feathermoon) since he missed all the fun cause of his work schedule.

This continues from here. After Arvoss put out a call for help over the box, Aely and Feliche both came to the Moonglade. Windstar had to go meet them so they wouldn't get lost, then everyone started fussing over Shaurria. She did leave her cat form eventually, and since everyone was kinda tired of the Cat Spirit stepping around them, we moved a little ways so we (and him!) could have a little peace.

Shaur shifted back to cat here. Telling all of that kinda stressed her out, so she needed to, really.

At this point we wound up going back to Stormwind. Later that night, at the Pig, was when the city guards came and tried to arrest Tarquin. So much stuff went on that Shaur was quite thoroughly distracted from her own thoughts, til it was all over. Arvoss got a little stressed, so when the guards left he drank himself silly (and was kinda rude to a friend /sigh), then bedded down in a bunk at the Pig, and she joined him there later.

So much <3's here. This still seems kinda new to me, even after being on Feathermoon for a few months now. I spent so long RPing with just myself, my sister and sometimes Crison, that finding a big group of people to RP with, especially people that have become friends with my little dysfunctional druid, is just.... well, EPIC. So, I guess this is thanks to the Wildfire Riders & Co. for "letting us in the door" to some awesome times. <3!

And now I'm having thoughts on what it'd be like to have Pitchblack over here. Darn it, I'm gonna be full here soon at this rate. >.>

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