Friday, November 27, 2009

Updates 'n Stuff

First off, Shaurria has all her stuff back! Blizzard restored everything, as far as I know, so she's good to go. Same deal with the rest of my toons on that account, although the second account hasn't been fixed yet. I sent a ticket on Arvoss, probably should have done that at the same time as the other, but oh well. I did find he still had his beginner blue DK gear still in the bank, so at least he's dressed now.The rest I'm sure I'll get back eventually.

After getting her stuff back I went back to leveling with Shaur. Despite an interruption when our internet conked out for a bit, she did hit 58 pretty quick and I took her straight to Outland. I'm hoping she'll be pretty close to 60 by tomorrow, since she's (hopefully) getting a Sethekk Halls run-thru to finish off her holiday achievements then. I'd like her to be as little of an aggro-magnet as possible. >.>

Tonight was raid night on Gilneas and I wound up taking Barraccus, since he still had his dps gear. We ran through VOA and then Sartherion (with no drakes up, just a quick run), so he's a little closer to his Champion of the Frozen Wastes title. Honestly the only part of that I'm worried about is Malygos, he's already cleared Naxx and about half the heroic bosses. Just a matter of time now.

Haven't had any problems with the hacker, though I'm still pretty paranoid. I still can't figure out where I might have picked up the keylogger. I have let my cousin use it a couple times before, though, so I'm kinda wondering about that.

I've been itching to write stuff for a couple days now, but I don't have any story ideas. Ugh. I still have one of Shaur in the works, maybe I'll get inspired and finish it off soon. Which reminds me, if I'm going to move Pitch to Feathermoon, I'll need to think up a story for that, hmmm.

Ummm, can't think of anything else, though I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Til next time Happy Hunting!

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