Sunday, November 8, 2009

It Never Gets Old...

Taurros has become my 4th toon to go through the Wrathgate chain. I still get chills watching the cinematic.

I gave Shaur a break today so she can build up some rested xp, and wound up leveling both Taurros and Taurron, to 76 and 73 respectively. I want to get Taurron through Wrathgate next ASAP, then I may go back to Pitch and level him enough to get through it. Well, either Pitch or Arvoss, I would like to get Arvoss to 80 soon, so he can still help Shaur level through Outland. Once I get one of them finished, I'll go back and do the other.

Unfortunately I'm still feeling no inclination to play Zuuluu. Maybe a faction change is in order? I used to have a gnome rogue that I've been missing lately...

I'm thinking of transferring Kaledain and Khaotic in the next week or two. They're almost finished with Ravasaur dailies (only 5 more baby teeth!) and probably once they're done with that, I'll go ahead with it. And who knows, maybe my level 40 troll shaman will join them.

Got a story written up for some RPs with Arvoss, Shaurria, and Windstar, I'm gonna post it either tonight or tomorrow morning even though the RP will be occurring on Tuesday (if all goes well, /glares at work schedules).

Not much else to say, I'm tired and it's way too late, as usual. Goodnight!

. . . . . . .

(Taurros only has 4 levels to go! /rubs hands in glee)

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