Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mission Accomplished

Kaledain dinged 50 today and is out of rest. His herbalism is maxed at 300, gonna keep working on his inscription. Kechara got a boost to 50 when he dinged, compliments of the level 50 owls in Felwood. ;) Probably gonna do the same with Argus when Kaled hits Un'Goro, so Ashke will get most of the attention now.

I'm working on Gwyn's next story, couldn't finish it tonight 'cause I was falling asleep. Will hopefully post it tomorrow. I've decided to go ahead and keep Kaled's story the way I've been writing it. Yes, it involves someone that technically doesn't exist anymore, but Khaotic plays an important role in making Kaled who he is, and in the end I can't make myself change it. I'll try to post part 2 of his tale a day or 2 after Gwyn's.

Going to bed now, I'm still trying to fall asleep. Zzzzzz......

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