Thursday, January 1, 2009

Alts, I has them

Taurros the feral druid got a run thru Nexus, he only had one quest but he's been so close to leveling for ages. He tanked, of course. The run didn't level him, but I took him back to Warsong Hold and did some quests and he dinged fast after that. Need to take him fishing, since it looks like the best thing to level his alchemy right now is pygmy oil. I think I'll keep him in Borean for now, then go back to Howling Fjord after another level.

I got a little OCD yesterday. My orc Drenka is the only hunter on my horde server that was still under level 20, he's been sitting at 19 for about a month. So I took him out to do a quest or three and get him leveled. He wound up at the Boulder Lode in Barrens killing Venture Co. people for the emerald. He not only got the gem, but one of the goblins dropped a little present for him-

I think just for kicks and giggles he'll wear that hat til he finds a real helm. :)
And Korthak the scorpid got 3 levels there, hopefully he won't fall so far behind again.

My next goal is Andrano the Nelf on Silver Hand. He got to level 10 and tamed his beloved moonstalker, now he needs level 12 so he can heal him. I got him to 11 yesterday, we'll go for 12 today.

Later: Andrano dinged! Mission accomplished, will level Sangha tomorrow.

Got on Kaled after and took him to Tanaris to kill some pirates that were giving people a hard time. Ashke got 2 levels and caught up with his master temporarily, but Kaled dinged while turning quests in. Gotta work on Argus now, he's still only 43.

Thats all I can think of for now. Til next time, Happy Hunting!


  1. I started on Durotan, in Dead Poets Society! Gave me a bit of nostalgia to see the server name next to all your alts :)

  2. Too many alts! Holy cow!
    How do you keep track of them all?

  3. @Neggles
    I think that guild is still around too :)

    @Slow Wolf
    I don't really, usually just play whoever I feel like. Boogga's been getting most of my attention but I've been wanting to play my others lately.

  4. You should /wave to me sometime when you are on Silver Hand =P