Thursday, January 29, 2009

Khlar: Searching

When I left Light's Hope I had no clear destination in my mind. I knew my family used to live in Silvermoon City, but I was still confused. How do I get to Silvermoon? How far was it? These might seem trivial concerns to you, but I was like an adolescent away from home for the first time.

Finally I asked one of the paladins. He eyed me like one might stare at a strange bug, then said in a rustic accent, "The quickest way to go is up north, through the Ghostlands. Or you could go to the Undercity and use the teleporter, but it's a longer trip. Reckon the undead folk there might have news for you, though, if you're looking for somebody or something."

I thanked him, then summoned Geth, my deathcharger, and started off. I thought about going to Undercity first, but I was growing impatient, so I headed north to the border. I did not like the Ghostlands, it reminded me too much of the Plaguelands and my time under Arthas' control. Geth was tireless, though, and his long strides carried me through swiftly. In good time I set foot in Eversong Woods. My home.

Once across the border I was struck by a new feeling: fear. What if I could not find my family? How long had I been gone? What if they were all dead? These were just a few of the questions running through my mind. It occurred to me that my parents had a summer home outside the city, near the Farstrider Retreat. I decided to start my search there.

I found the house after a day of searching; I had been gone so long that my memory was hazy. However, it was apparent that the house was deserted, and had been for some time. I settled there for the night, deciding to check with the Farstriders in the morning.

My questioning the next day brought unexpected news. I had a sister! And she had been trained at the Retreat up until 3 years before. The rangers there informed me that the summer home was still in use, in fact my parents were due to return in about 2 weeks. I settled in to wait.

While I waited, I spent much of my time in thought. I realized that it would not be a good idea to surprise them, as I had first intended to do. I returned to the Retreat and asked them to send my parents a message, which they did. But I did not expect my parents to send a reply, stating that they would be there in a day or two.

My stomach in knots, I waited for them to arrive.

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