Friday, January 2, 2009

More dinging

After today Kaled is sitting at level 47, with Ashke and Argus both at 45 and Kechara at 46, whew. Kaled got that level almost entirely from grinding on pirates to level his pets. I have the feeling that trying to keep 3 pets up in Outlands will be interesting. Also got his inscription up to 215, will be mostly working on that tomorrow I think.

I am feeling really unmotivated to play my Alliance toons, but don't know why. My best friend on Alliance has been teasing my sister and I lately about the spirit beast camping we've been doing, that's probably partly it. I'm just having alot more fun on horde right now.

I'm still working on Kaled's story in my head. My main problem with it is, I had a pretty long story written out for him, but it involved a character that I have deleted. I just don't feel right putting in a character that no longer exists, though, since his story is going to keep going while I play him. I've toyed with the idea to remake that toon, but that would mean I'd have to level her to catch Kaled, and getting a new toon from 1 to 47, when I already have so many alts, is definitely not appealing. So I don't know what I'm going to do with it.

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